Why Less is More When It Comes to Website Designing


When it comes to having an official website, the most common mistake businesses make is making them too heavy on the eyes. Be it in terms of text, images, ads or other graphics within a webpage, a website that is too complicated to explore is still worse than having no website at all. It can be the layout or the content or something in the coding that sets off the entire look of your website. If you’re an e-commerce website, the temptation to show off your wide variety is understandable but you must not give in to it as studies show that most people end up buying nothing at all if they’re faced with a bundle of choices at once. Rather than throwing all your products right in your visitors’ faces, try to lure them in for more and let them explore on their own if they want more choices or not. If you hire the best website design services London UK then chances are, they already know their way around but you can still stay involved in the process by educating yourself a bit on the subject.

Follow these simple tricks to get the most out of your business website:

Include a landing page video

Don’t ignore your landing page. Most websites don’t put much effort on their landing page and even more so, some don’t even add a landing page to their website. Crazy, right? A landing page is a great opportunity to convert visitors right from the first impression. It is a perfect blend between text and visual. You don’t have to make your landing page text-heavy to give your visitors a strong impression about your business, it can be easily done with a video. Sum up all the cool products or services that you offer, your cooperative staff and your proudest milestones with a short and impressive video. Get in touch with the best website design services London UK to get an impressive landing page, today.

Minus all the lengthy text and flashy visuals and say more with less.

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Resize Images

Using resized images is a must-have feature for a fast website. Loading speed matters a lot in this mobile era where most people visit websites from their phones. Always resize your images to exactly what is required on a webpage. And by resize, we don’t mean to resize the images using CSS or HTML. It is about resizing the image on the server before sending it to the browser. If the original image of an item, you want to feature is larger than the size required for your product listing page or product detail page then scale it down to the required dimensions before sending it to the browser. 

Resized images are much smaller as compared to their original versions and take less loading time.

Load Necessary Resources

Best website design services London UK know that speed is the key here, you have to deliver what your visitors came looking for, faster than they can hit that back or exit button. With any combination or length of the keywords entered into a search engine, at least a thousand websites show up. If your visitors don’t get what they came searching for, they will quit the site within seconds. To make sure that you deliver more in less time and data, try to load absolutely necessary images at first. Because even though you’ve resized your images, loading all of them at once is bound to take longer time and data.

The lazy loading method is used by most mobile-friendly websites. Lazy loading is when a webpage only loads images that are currently on screen and in front of the user. If your website has, say a thousand products, chances are very unlikely that a user would view all of them. They would probably scroll through a fifty, or a hundred items at max before making up their mind to either buy or quit. Lazy loading keeps up with the scrolling and loads images only when the screen is displaying that particular section. This saves users’ data and also saves you bandwidth costs on image delivery.


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