Why does Jamie Lee Curtis have a style of Renaissance?

Jamie Lee

If a woman looks like her life time, it is Jamie Lee Curtis. The actor has been popular between London, New York and Los Angeles on the promotional path of her latest movie “Halloween.” Although not a strong contender for the awards season, Lee Curtis has handled every radio show, primetime TV show and press conference for this thriller, and with Bradley Cooper during this period. Expecting the same enthusiasm.

Because Lee Curtis is a professional with 40 years of professional experience. For the past 15 years, she has been helped by her stylist Jane Rose to ensure that her clothing style matches her, not her latest horror movie character. The two met through a mutual friend, jeweler Kathy Waterman, and immediately hit it. “She is a person’s dream,” Rose told Vogue her client. “She has a huge open heart and takes care of everyone on her path. But she is also a real artist – smart, creative and interested.”

Their working relationship is cooperative, but Ross said that Lee Curtis has a firm understanding of her style parameters. “She knows her figure, what looks good, what is not good. Her style is fashion, simple cut, less.”

The “simple, simple, simple” motto used in the Halloween tour is reflected in the red Alexander McQueen suit, Altuzarra’s blue velvet shirt, black strapless Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit and white close-fitting dress Carolina Herrera. Of course, all the jewelry is Waterman’s.

As Ross said, “Jami is wearing clothes, they don’t wear her,” but interestingly, actors are not precious to fashion. “She is very cool because she doesn’t rely on a single item. It’s all about function, beauty, and then let it go – just like a Buddhist!”
If this attitude continues to be given to Curtis, what Ross calls “a beautiful warm smile,” then this is indeed an interesting fashion proposition.



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