What is Digital Marketing and how it is Different from Traditional Marketing?

Digital vs Traditional Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?


Today, Businessman strength their advertisement of products through digital technology like Websites, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Online ads, email marketing, and mobile apps. This is the simplest way of promoting brand awareness in a particular type of age group of target customers. Customer Relation Marketing (CRM) is the previous version of today’s online marketing. Now, Digital Marketing and Customer Relation Marketing work together to attract users to boost sales. In simple words, Social Media platforms like Facebook have more than 1.47 billion daily logins. This report clearly shows that a large part of society spent their time online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit the front page of the internet, Pinterest, and other online channels not only promoting a business but also a perfect customer service tool. So, this marketing strategy gives an idea for generating more valuable and interesting content for targeting the audience.

Is Digital Marketing Paid or Free?

The intensity and level of digital marketing are extremely high. After the discussion of its meaning, one more high-priority questions is it paid or free service. Free marketing is superior according to the point of view of Google. Google gives priority to that website that triggers organic traffic.

Both Free and Paid service has its drawback and benefits. All process depends upon the type of business, investment, and procedure you adopt for growing more customers.

Free Marketing for Organic Traffic

Content creation techniques pay their best for converting leads to sales. Informative article with latest media channels images, videos, info-graphics, banners, and other user-friendly stuff. SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the ability to ranking a keyword on the top pages of search engines. “Content is King” yes if the content of a fresh website is unique and also different from the old one so there more chance of getting a higher ranking. SMM (Social Media Marketing) is another way of effectuating users with daily posting on social media pages.

Paid Marketing

This is a short term strategy and a little bit costly. if you want fast results and gain extra profits. Instead of waiting and hoping it allows the business to target, reach, engage, and convert their audience to buyers. Google ads and market campaigns are optimizing ads in real-time to achieve maximum effectiveness.

want success than tracking this:

1.  Platforms of ads: Select the most value able platform for getting higher leads and easily conversion rates.
2.  Type of ads: This measures which ad types (boosts, retargeting, look-alike audience ads, etc.) drive the highest overall conversion rates.
3.  Engagements: Call to action, images, text, videos has more chance to click on the ads and indirect traffic to the website and landing page.
4.  Conversion rates:  Measures the traffic driven by ads and, of that traffic, what percentage has successfully converted customers into doing your desired action to achieving the goals.

Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing

Digital v/s Traditional Marketing

1.  Method of Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Online Promotions
  • Inbound marketing
  • Search engine optimizations (SEO)
  • Local SEO

Traditional Marketing

  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • Referrals
  • Prints
  • Broadcast
  • Televisions
  • Flayers and billboards on roads

Basic Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

1.  Cost Comparison: Old marketing method require newspaper ads, billboards, flayers on roads, etc, takes a lot from your budget. Digital Marketing ads are affordable and expand the scope of marketing across boundaries of finance.

2.  Brand Awareness: People not only watch ads and social media posts, but they can also reach your target page and show a direct interest in buying anything. A traditional method has some drawbacks of direct sales.

3.  Analyze Real-time Results: Need to wait for weeks even sometime for months to get customers but in Digital Marketing see real-time results with Google Analytics.

4.  Audience Target: Digital methods help in targeting only those audiences who are interested in their business, where traditional marketing does not have that factor. This is the main factor of differentiating between Digital v/s Traditional Marketing. Digital marketing can easily reach more audiences in different cities and countries through campaigns because of the increasing number of people using internet sources.

Matter of Course

At the same time, it is not possible to apply both types of marketing. But the selection of one is based upon budget and willingness of work. Before putting any step thing smartly and choose wisely.


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