What are the top effective ways to improve English?


English is the second most spoken language all around the world. If you want to achieve fluency in English, you will be required to stay consistent and plan your efforts in a systematic way. You can easily improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills — even if no one is around to guide you. All you need is – regular practice, determination, and self-discipline.

Here are some top effective ways that will help you enhance your English skills:
  • Create an English-Speaking EnvironmentTo strengthen your English skills, create an English environment for yourself. Stay with people who are excellent English speakers. Try to use English in every possible situation. Make a collection of English movies or series to watch. Bring interesting novels for yourself to read in your free time. Keep English radio on in your house. Listen to English songs and sing them loud to enhance your intonation, pronunciation, and rhythm. You can simultaneously record your voice to listen to the pronunciation of your words and identify the problem areas.
  • Master Thinking in English: We are fluent in our native language because the speech formation happens instantaneously. We don’t put a lot of thought process and time between various subsequent processes (which subconsciously take place in mind) while speaking. We think in our native language as well after a short while, we have to produce speech. But when it comes to speaking English, our brain goes through the translation process. We think in our native language, translate it into English, and then speak. In the entire process, fluency suffers. Thinking in English will help you eliminate that extra time used in the translation process and you will efficiently enhance your communication skills.


  • Use Reliable Learning Resources:  Don’t take the help of learning resources which are too difficult or too easy. Use materials which challenge you and promote better learning. Though there are many online tutorials and study material that can help you enhance your English skills, you should always stick to reliable sources. You can check out Pearson MePro – a personalized English language learning program. This will not only enhance your English skills but also help you tap prosperous career opportunities and stay ahead of the pack. It is designed to improve the English skills of the aspirants and unlock the chances of studying abroad.

ways to improve English

  • Put Your Ideas & Thoughts onto Paper: Writing your ideas onto paper will not only enhance your English skills but also help you become a better writer. Brainstorm your ideas and write them onto paper without taking care of grammar or spelling errors. It will give you clarity about your ideas. Once you achieve clarity, you can think about the structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Read your final draft or get a professional review done to detect the mistakes.


  • Always Carry a Dictionary: Using an English dictionary will help you to deal with the difficult words, anytime anywhere. But don’t become too dependent on your dictionary. Always try to guess or assume the meaning of tough words rather than going straight to your dictionary.


  • Read a Lot in English:  Reading will effectively help you improve your English skills. Newspapers are a good option to start with. Start reading to understand the general meaning first. Don’t worry about learning every word. You can write down the difficult words and keep them for later. You can also pick up a novel of your choice and start reading. This will help you understand the root words and enhance your vocabulary.


  • Start Conversation in EnglishAlways try to initiate your conversations in English. To keep the conversations going, you can ask questions like – Really?’ ‘What happened then?’ Do not wait for others to speak to you. Once you gain confidence, discuss more topics in groups. Make sure to put your point across and listen actively. Active listening will help you to understand the perceptions of others and contribute more. You can also converse in English with your friends. It will give you an added motivation and help you overcome your hesitation.


  • Learn Phrasal Verbs & Idioms:  The usage of phrasal verbs and idioms makes the sentences very interesting. There are hundreds of them in English and widely used to add value to the language. Once you start using them in your speech or writing, it will be easy for you to recognize their patterns more easily.

Always keep in mind that it takes longer to enhance your English skills especially when your goals are high. Just try to concentrate on the level you are at now and systematically follow the above-mentioned points.


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