Top destinations and tips for solo female travelling

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There can be many different articles for solo travelers. And you try to read them all to feel safe and comfortable during the trip. You are a woman and you are planning to travel SOLO. Where to start? Of course, a road trip is the most interesting way of traveling. You have time to enjoy the road, makes stops where you want, and find as many co-travelers as you can. The solo female travelling goes first. There are many places you want to visit! Pick one and try to rent a car there. Thrifty in Pittsburgh airport allows you get the most comfortable car in Kansas. There is a good new! You can rent a car one-way to continue your trip even far from the USA. Pick the car according to the road conditions and your budget. Here the tips you may use to make your trip even more enjoyable!

Tips for solo female travelers

  • Try to travel during the day and sleep at night

Of course, it would be great to drive the car during the day and stay in the hotel at night. Traveling solo, you must be careful and avoid staying at the places you have doubts in.

  • Try to behave like locals

If you want to feel good in a new surrounding try to look and behave like locals. Read about what people wear and what they like to do in a country you are going to visit. What do they like for lunch? Do they like wearing jeans? Try to avoid outfits that show you are tourist.

  • Try to be always in touch with your friends

It is important to stay always in touch with your close friends and relatives and let them know where you are at the moment and where you are going tomorrow. Why? This is a great opportunity to let them know that you are safe and feel protected.

  • Watch your stuff!

As a rule, solo travelers used to carry so many useful gadgets. They always travel with cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops. Don’t leave your expensive technics in the car when you are out. Hide it from thieves.

  • Drink smart!

Sometimes, you want to go to the club to relax and drink local cocktails. Remember, you drink cocktails to enjoy a new drink. Drinking too much is bad and even dangerous for solo traveler.

solo female travelling

What are the safest destination girls can travel?

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  1. Switzerland

Sure enough, you may be bored to travel across your country. Do you want some exotic? Go to Switzerland! This is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. You can see high mountains, green meadows, wild rivers, and animals. Visiting Switzerland in winter, get ready to hit the mountains. Swiss Alps and Interlaken are the most popular ski resorts and the safest places for women. Summer vacation opens not only marvelous nature views but a unique Swiss culture. You can visit local parks, lakeshores, hot SPAs, and shops.

  1. Australia

Australia is always seen as the most exotic country, situated somewhere at the end of the world. Women are afraid of going there alone. Why? It’s probably because Australia is situated far from their home. There is no any other reason to be afraid of traveling to Australia. It is one of the friendliest and safest destinations for female travelers. You can see the beautiful landscapes, visit national parks, go hiking through the Valley of Winds, visit Sydney, Melbourne. Rental car service is at high level!

  1. Canada

Canada is a neighbor country. It is not a problem to get there by car using one-way car rental in case you want to take a flight back. Canada is a perfect place for visiting in winter and summer. You can see beautiful mountainous landscapes, green forests, wildlife, and civilized cities. It’s like traveling to Iceland, but not that far from home!

  1. Ireland

This is the most mysterious and exotic island you’ve ever met. This is a unique mix of European lifestyle and old traditions. You may know this place by its emerald color, local pubs, leprechauns, and great weather. It will be an incredible Irish experience.

  1. Amsterdam

This is a place that everyone wants to visit. It is known for its liberal life views, friendly atmosphere, and easy life. This is a perfect place to relax and discover the unique culture. You can travel by car or rent a bike to run into the city nightlife. Go to the Amsterdam cafe and enjoy local culinary delights.

  1. Namibia

The most fantastic trip you may have is a trip to Namibia. It is safe and civilized place where you can feel like a honorable guest. You can see a stunning desert views, romantic coastlines, exotic plants. African trip will never be boring. Don’t worry, you don’t have to live in the wild. There are many interesting hotels and resorts, modern-equipped and always welcomed!

The list is not full. You can find more interesting and safe places to visit around the world and add to this list. If you can’t shoot Niagara alone, you may try to join one of many women communities to find a co-traveler or join with a touristic group.


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