Top 5 Law directories and their reviews

Top 5 Law directories

In this article, we’re going to see why legal directories are significant, the advantages of being recorded in legal directories, and which top 5 law directories are the ones you truly need to think about.

Why legal directories are important

Legal directories are important in my mind for a straightforward reason. That reason is Visibility. As a SEO I’m normally speaking and lecturing about the SEO advantages of directories nonetheless, there are different advantages as well. A considerable lot of these legal directories are more well-established sites.

Avvo, for example, is a “more up to date” player to the game and they began in 2006. Be that as it may, in the course of recent years, they have constructed their site to over 1.6 Million Estimated Monthly natural pursuit visits as indicated by SEMRush and they have turned out to be one of the main 2,000 most well known sites in the United States as per their Alexa ranking (demonstrated as follows).

Top 5 Law directories

In view of that data alone you can presumably think about why you should be recorded on the most well known legal directories. The reason is that individuals are investing energy in sites like Avvo and they’re probably searching for legal answers or scanning for lawyers.

Lawyer ratings, lawyer directories and lawyer reviews, are all over the place. Some are free, some list lawyers and firms consequently, some element legal lawyer reviews and some charge expenses, either for consideration or for highlighting your profile all the more conspicuously. It very well may be a test to endeavor to figure out which services are directly for you. Consider these components when choosing which one to pick.

The Best Legal Directories

Lista Legal

lista legal

Lista Legal is an allowed to lawyer directory with a mission to help Spanish speakers all the more effectively interface with Spanish-talking lawyers.

Lista Legal is a lawyer directory with a one of a unique reason to help associate local Spanish speakers with a lawyer. Their site, in both English and Spanish, causes manage customers to a Spanish-talking lawyer in their general vicinity to assist them with their legal needs. Lista Legal is free for the two purchasers and lawyers to utilize, however you need to exploit a highlighted recorded or their Spanish website architecture services, you can pay a little month to month expense.

Lista Legal review

Access to Justice One thing that makes Lista Legal emerge from other online legal directories is its promise to help Spanish speakers to associate with lawyers who may some way or another have a difficult time finding one. Most customers who visit Lista Legal are effectively looking for a lawyer. While it’s most popular pages help associate customers to migration and family law lawyers, directory includes lawyers in all training zones.



Martindale Hubbell is a lawyer directory that underlines friend and customer surveys and gives extra showcasing marketing tools.

Martindale-Hubbell is a legal advisor rating service that gives both friend and customer surveys. It is one of the most established and most perceived rating services, well originating before the web period. Martindale-Hubbell likewise has a lawyer directory and gives extra marketing services.

Martindale Hubbell reviews

Martindale-Hubbell is always famous for peer reviews of lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell is recently launched customer reviews, and those are shown noticeably in the lawyer directory. You can send customers to your profile and instruct them to present a customer survey there. The review is survey-driven. Your customers will be approached to answer whether they would prescribe your services and give a scaled score (from 1 to 5) on inquiries regarding your correspondence capacities, your responsiveness, the nature of your administrations, and the value for their cash. They can also providing the extra written feedback. You don’t need to show client reviews, you show them, you can’t pick and pick which ones you’d like to have shown. is a lawyer ratings and directory platform that is firmly coordinated with Martindale-Hubbell, a long-term peer survey lawyer rating administration. is a lawyer ratings and directory service controlled by Martindale-Hubbell, a long-term lawyer rating administration. More than one million lawyers and law offices have profiles on the site and states it has 15 million guests month to month. The site likewise gives data to people in general to help guests in understanding the law and their lawful representation decisions.

Reviews has a discussion where 9,000 potential customers utilize the site every month to scan for answers to lawful inquiries. They present their inquiries and you can choose on the off chance that you might want to react and give counsel. Any answer you give shows up on your profile and is likewise in a split second distributed to the landing page. Inside the reaction, you can connection to your site. Your reactions likewise appear in inquiries on

Peer Review Ratings

With, you can request reviews from presently practicing lawyers and sitting judges. Give them a list of references and they will contact those individuals to get input on your moral measures and legal capacity. This can result in a Martindale-Hubbell rating of AV, which roughly 10 percent of lawyers have. You can smother peer reviews from showing up on your profile; however you can’t exclude individual peer reviews.



Justia is a lawyer directory that offers both free and premium postings. The site likewise has various customer resources, for example, a database of rules and cases.


Justia is a lawyer directory that likewise gives free legal material, for example, state and government resolutions and administrative court cases. It likewise has resources for law students. The legal lawyer directory offers both free and premium postings. Justia utilizes bar affiliation data to make profiles for all legal lawyers in the United States. Those legal lawyers that compensation a charge to guarantee their profile will likewise show up on the Legal Information Institute (LII) site.

Legal zoom

legal zoom

Legal Zoom is a lawyer directory with two sorts of lawyer systems plan lawyers and neighborhood lawyers that interface legal customers with lawyers.


Legal Zoom is a lawyer directory that associates purchasers with lawyers who give answers to legal questions. Buyers agree to accept individual or business Legal designs to get Legal plans from Legal zoom’s system of free legal arrangement lawyers. Lawyers can likewise be recorded in a neighborhood lawyer directory. Customers can scan for lawyers by means of training zone or area.



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