The Secrets No Body Will Tell You When You Will Buy The Kitchen Chimney


Are you looking for the best kitchen chimney buying guide? Then you have launched at the right place as we will discuss many secrets and unknown facts about which every customer must know to make the right purchase decision.

Just like the recipe of cuisine, every kitchen is different; so like the requirement for the chimney. As there are many varieties of Best Chimney Brand available in the market with various features and functionalities, selecting the right one completely depends on the cooking pattern and preference of that particular household.

As the house owner, you know the expected emission level of fume and oil, and to know the best suitable chimney, you have to take a plunge to know the secrets that can completely change your kitchen chimney shopping experience.

You must know that chimney is the appliance that will absorb all the smoke, fumes and oil and decrease the pollution level of the kitchen. Here is your buying guide to select the Best Chimney Brand that will ease all the challenges.

Things You To Consider Before Buying The Chimney

Make sure all the features of the kitchen chimney like suction power, filter all are apt for your cooking habit. Here are the features you need to know:

  • Types of chimney filter

  • Types of kitchen chimney

  • Suction power of kitchen chimney

  • Size of kitchen chimney

  • Design of kitchen chimney

  • Ducting of kitchen chimney

Kitchen Chimney

Types of Chimney Filter:

There are mainly three categories of the kitchen chimney depending on the material, structure and filtering process. They are:

  • Cassette Filter: It is made of aluminum mesh stocking up each other and when the air passes through it the oil stuck onto the thread.

  • Baffle Filter: Baffle filter is made of multiple curve structure that will change the direction of the air.

  • Carbon Filter: It is made of pure charcoal that absorbs the odor very efficiently.

Types of Kitchen Chimney: The construction and structure of the kitchen decide the type of chimney you need. You can get wall mounted, island, build-in and corner chimney available in the market under the Best Chimney Brand.

Size of the Kitchen Chimney: The main rule of thumb is the size of the kitchen hob directly affects the chimney size. Make sure the size of the kitchen chimney should not be never than the kitchen hob.

Suction Power of Kitchen Chimney: To decide the suction power of the kitchen, you need to keep in mind the size of the kitchen. For a moderate size kitchen, you can select chimney with 500 m3/hr to 650m3/hr suction power. For a bigger kitchen, 1000 m3/hr is sufficient to clean the air.

Design of Kitchen Chimney: The Best Chimney Brand has mainly two types of designs depending on how they look after installing. The first one is convectional that are designed for practical use and made with stainless steel. They are the most popular and inexpensive. On the other hand, contemporary chimney is specially designed for the modular kitchen. They are made of not only by stainless steel but also with glass and crystal.


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