The 5 Best Open Headphones of 2019


The best open headphones are ideal for mastering music or when you want to have a natural sound, since the closed ones completely isolate the external noises, which can mean that in the end we don’t have a real notion of the sound. On the other hand, these types of headphones are especially useful for listening to music when you are away from home, doing physical activity.

For example, because they have a good quality, but they do not isolate you from outside noises, so you never lose track of around you, something very important for your safety. Open headphones there are many types, but this time we will see the best open headphones available on .


  • Sennheiser HD 599


These open sennheiser headphones are the best known and used in what are open headphones, with a circumaural design, they are ideal for mastering tasks. In addition, they are well known because they have a very wide frequency range, ranging from 12 – 38,500Hz, which helps to hear sounds that can escape you in a mix. It is also a very good option if you are a music lover, since they have an impressive audio quality and you will not lose a detail of what you hear, it has a good level of sensitivity, 106dB and impedance of 50 Ohms. The design is well achieved , it also comes in a really beautiful ivory color. It has two detachable cables: one of 3m with the 6.3mm jack and one of 1.2m with 3.5m jack. The helmets are really comfortable since both the headphones and the headband are padded with a very soft material. Thanks to this, they are ideal for use for long periods of time. They are the best headphones for recording studio thanks to their great quality.


  • Sennheiser HD 599


One of the best open headphones is this model of the prestigious AKG brand widely used in studio by professionals, because it has a very high level of sharpness, in addition to having a frequency range of 10-39,800 Hz, a few Hz wider than the Sennheiser HD600, impossible to escape a sound.

It has a sensitivity level of 105 dB, slightly higher than the Sennheiser model, which makes it a bit more volume and the impedance is 62 Ohm, which implies that it is a headset that puts very little resistance to the passage of audio, this is a good thing, since you can receive audio with higher frequencies and at a higher volume, although you have to be careful with saturation.

The design of these headphones is very good, it has a classic touch and they are adjustable, which makes them very comfortable. The cable is 3 meters and goes on one side only, which makes it more comfortable than models with two side cables. The connection is by standard 6.3 mm jack, which is a large plug type. They are headphones to mix and remaster any type of music thanks to the quality of their materials.

Best Open Headphones


  • SR125e Prestige Series Grade


They are open supraural headphones, of the Grade brand, a manufacturer known for manufacturing all its products by hand, this taking into account the price of them, makes them a more interesting option. The frequency level ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz, perhaps somewhat lower than the others, but so is its price.

The SR125e Grade have a sensitivity level of 99.8 dB and impedance of 32 ohms, quite balanced, this makes it have a good volume level, but the impedance is sufficient to avoid saturation, although it clearly depends on tastes and needs. The design of the grade headphones in general is usually very simple, but this has to do with the manual manufacture of the same, let’s say they have the appearance of a classic headset. The included cable is 2 meters, somewhat lower than the others, but as a counterpart it is quite thick and therefore resistant.


  • Shure SRH840


It is one of the best Shure models in regards to open gaming headphones, highlighting its design that makes it have good definition of bass and media, something that usually falters in other headphones. The frequency amplitude is 5 Hz – 25 kHz, this contributes with the design to have defined bass, although somewhat short in treble. The sensitivity is 102 DB, it is within the average, while its impedance is 44 ohms, which provides a good volume level with low resistance to the passage of audio. These cheap studio headphones have a very modern design and are very comfortable to use during long sessions, because it has a padded and wide headband, which makes it rest comfortably on the head and ears. It is foldable; another point in favor and the cable is 3 meters, with a 3.5mm Jack, mini format and is removable. 


  • Audio-Technica Air Dynamic ATH-AD700X


They are open headphones, which within the range of Audio-Technica could be considered professional and it is best that they have a wide range of applications, can be used both in studio and for use at home in a home cinema, for example. Notable frequency range: 5 – 30,000 Hz, being one of the models that cover more frequencies in bass and treble. The sensitivity of this headset is 100 dB and the impedance of 38 ohms, which makes it easy to have a good volume and in many different devices since the resistance is very low, something to consider. These home studio headphones feature a classic design, but not uncomfortable, it has padded pads and an adjustable headband. The cable is 3 meters and the Jack is 3.5 mm.


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