Suggestion to Follow when Operating Piggyback Forklift

Operating Piggyback Forklift

When you are operating any machinery there are many features that you have to consider. You always receive a manual that guides you on how to operate that particular apparatus. One must read the instructions of operation whether the equipment is small or big. 

It becomes really important to follow the operating instructions when you are driver a Piggyback Forklift. As it is large equipment so the proper procedure must be followed. You have spent a lot of money on the purchase so you have to be very careful when operating it. 

Reasons why Piggyback Forklift will not start:

But as it is with other equipment and vehicles this forklift can also give trouble by not starting. There can be several reasons behind it so each and everything must be inquired into before coming to a conclusion about the problems. 

The problem in the Engine:

The engine of the forklift is of different kinds that are according to fuel consumption. An electric powered engine will have different requirements than diesel-fueled. Check for any problem in the engine. Sometimes the wrong fuel is put in the forklift which is not compatible with the engine.

Source of Fuel is not right:

At many occasions, the fuel is not enough in the forklift to operate. This happens when you have not made a thorough inspection of the vehicle. The fuels in various forklifts have different capacities so check that for how many days the fuel takes to fully consume and refill accordingly. But one thing you have to note is the distance you cover can affect fuel consumption.

Check the Battery:

Another reason for not working of the forklift is that the battery is giving torment. When the connections of the battery are loose or completely taken off then the forklift will not start. Another point to note here is that rusting and corrosion can also damage the joints; making it difficult to start.

The Cold Weather:

Like all other machinery; the forklift has to be warmed up prior to the operation. The cold weather jams the engine and makes it difficult to start. So make it a point to properly start the vehicle at least an hour before you go out and operate it.

The wrong Button is pressed:

Sometimes the driver mistakenly presses the emergency off button. After that, you have to wait for a few minutes before you can start the forklift again. Check whether this is the case or any other device is pushed.

Inspect the Oil and other Fluids:

The fuel in the forklift that you bought from Moffet Trucks is not the only liquid to inspect. Although without fuel no machinery can operate the significance of other fluids can’t be denied. Liquids that are important for the engine are; engine oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, brake oil and fluid to prevent the engine from heating up.

Piggyback Forklift

Operating Suggestions for Follow:

There are several suggestions that you can follow for the smooth driving of the forklift. Below are 10 of the best suggestions to keep in mind and follow if you want to drive it without any hindrances. 

Use of Appropriate Safety Gear:

It is very essential for everyone that they wear the proper safety equipment. The operators must wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid any cuts on the skin. If the drivers are working at night; it is crucial to wear a reflective vest so that light reflects and the people can see them. 

Inspect the Route of the Forklift:

The route on which the forklift will be driven should be inspected. No debris or rubble must be on the floor of the warehouse and industrial space or on the road outside. This will help the driver to dodge and manipulate the forklift to reach the required destination. 

Pre-operating Inspection:

Not only the maintenance team but also the driver has to check the vehicle from front to back; top to bottom, inside and out. Remember to switch off the engine before checking but turn it on and keep it that way to warm it up.

Be Vigilant and Focused:

If the driver of the forklift is not in good mental and physical health then the company should avoid giving the task to him, as he will not be able to focus on the road and the task at hand. A healthy person must be the one to operate it because he will be vigilant.

Warning Lights and Sounds on Standby:

Make sure that the warning lights and sounds are in proper working condition. This is best when the vehicle is working on the roads or where there are pedestrians. This alarm system is to warn people about any danger that is to come.

After work Examine:

When you have worked with Piggyback Forklift and returned it back to the parking place then again you have to check the whole vehicle. This is important because if there is any maintenance to be done then the team will have time to do so. Or there will be time to refuel the forklift if the fuel is on a very low level.


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