Social Media Feeds: why you should add it to your website?

social media feeds


Social media has grown exponentially since its inception as these social media platforms fulfill all the demands from consumers, be it accessing news, updates, communication, information-sharing, shopping from beyond social boundaries.

The reach of social media can be understood by the fact that there are over 3.2 billion daily active users globally with 54% of social browsers using social media for researching a product.

Social media has about 42% of the world’s population logged in daily and this shows how big the audience is and a perfect podium for businesses to attract, engage and convert customers.

But these users are for social media so how do you bring them to your website? 

Well! The answer’s simple – Build a bridge between your website and social media platforms to let the customers to your business by adding social media feed.

Social media Feeds

Social media feeds are generally a social wall containing posts accumulated from different social media platforms into one unified feed for the purpose of displaying it and marketing it to the audience for several commercial and non-monetary benefits. 

There are various social media aggregate tools that automatically collect quality content from a diverse range of social media platforms. You can customize and moderate the feed as well to make it more attractive, engaging, and relevant to the website/business.

Although you can add a feed from a single social media platform as well but there are various platforms and each platform has its own distinct characteristics and uniqueness serving a specific purpose.

Therefore, a social media feed will allow you to garner better quality content from a vast choice to make it more interesting.

We have listed some reasons as to why you should add social media feeds to your website

social media feeds

  1. Creative Social wall 

You can embed social media feed on website using various aggregate tools. You can display quality content with engaging visuals from different social media platforms and display it on your website. 

This helps in making your website look more creative, eye-catchy, and engaging to the audience drawing better conversions. Besides, you can also customize the feed’s design to make it suitable and apposite to your business/website theme. 

Also, you can moderate the content that you want to display and omit from your website so that the visitors see the best content that amplifies their browsing experience. 

  1. Display social proof

Social proof is a crucial element in the online shopping environment. People would be willing to shop more from a platform that is more trustworthy, authentic, and realistic.

Social media feeds can be used to garner user-generated content about your website and business which can then be marketed on your social wall as social proof. Especially if you display users’ reviews, feedback or product images and videos on your feed. 

As consumers have been known to get influenced by the existing customers’ word of mouth and their experiences with a business i.e. user-generated content. 

Social proof will definitely maximize your conversions and customer’s loyalty towards your business.

  1. Amplify shoppability

Social media has evolved into a combination of browsing and shopping world. Fresh technological advancements allow users to buy products directly from a post. 

With the integration of social media feeds on to your website, you can increase selling possibilities. You can showcase your products on social media feed and tag it as shoppable posts.

This will help in increasing the conversion of your business as the feed is more visually attractive and personalized, instilled with the powerful content from different social media platforms. 

  1. Visual appeal

Visual aid is extremely crucial for any website as people are not interested anymore in reading long text paragraphs. Unattractive website is also a contributor to the high bounce rate and diminishing conversions.

People are more interested in engaging with visuals comparatively. As visuals are more artistic, expressive, establish a great impression, and are attention-grabbing. 

Social media feed can be customized, personalized and placed strategically on to the website to make it more user-friendly and enhance product discoverability.

  1. Exposure and ranking

Adding social media feed to your website will create a link between your website and social media, making it easier for social media users to access your website from diverse platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Enhanced exposure will result in generating more traffic and higher dwell time which will result in improving the search engine ranking of the website.

And better ranking in search engines is positively correlated to better engagement and conversions. 

To Conclude

Social media can help you build a strong online presence and generate higher leads and conversions, given that you properly exploit the social media feeds for your website. 

Linking your social presence to your website could help you build an ecosystem of customer loyalty, online community, returning visitors, trust, authenticity, and exemplary consumer experience.  



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