Silver needle tea and its benefit to your health


Day by day the air that we breathe and the food that we consume is deteriorating and its high time that we need to think about it. In this write-up, we are here with the benefits of this phenomenal superfood. Adding silver needle tea to your diet with the help you get a noticeable difference in your health. This tea is formally known as baihao yinzhen.

Great benefits of silver needle tea as compared to white needle tea:

It is a relaxant.

Boosts immunity.

Healthy heart.

Aids digestion.

Promotes weight loss.

The above pointers show us the benefits of silver needle tea in short. Going forth we will discuss all these in detail in a much-defined way.

What is silver needle white tea?

The most tender leaves are picked off the Camellia Sinensis plant and it produces white tea. Other teas like oolong tea, black tea, green and yellow tea. The silver needle white tea is made from the youngest buds off the plant which is harvested twice in a year. Talking about the processing of white tea, like green tea it is also minimally processed. Since it contains only the buds of plant this tea is very rare. It is antioxidant and can potentially provide protection against different health conditions. On brewing this cup of tea you will experience the mellow light and refreshing flavor.

Listed below are the benefits of silver needle tea:

Immunity booster:

The content of antioxidants in silver needle tea is naturally occurring chemical compounds which target and kill the free radicals. The free radicals are the major cause of ailments and diseases in the human body. It helps to boost your immune system and build the defense mechanism against free radicals.

Heart health:

The anti-oxidant properties in silver needle tea promote strength and heart health by lowering cholesterol levels. It helps in strengthening blood vessels. It also aids in preventing blood clots which are responsible for strokes and heart attack. This way it protects heart tissue from damage.

Silver needle tea


Who would not prefer to have a cup of tea before going to bed? It relaxes your body as the young leaves in tea are quite high in amino acid thiamine. It is a natural supplement that reduces anxiety level and stress which enables you to have a perfect sleep at night. Organic silver needle white tea is a perfect relaxant.

Promoting weight loss:

For some individual, it may aid in weight loss as it increases metabolism. It encourages our bodies to burn fat. The silver needle white tea has no fat content, no carbs, no calories or any sweetener in it. So, it is perfectly a guilt-free pleasure in every sip.

Helps digestion: 

Organic silver needle tea is perfect for improving digestion when it comes to nausea and stomach cramps. Having this tea will help to relieve acidity in the stomach and aloe detoxifies your digestive system. This tea helps to keeping heartburn and indigestion at a bay.

Regulated blood glucose:

Brewed white needle tea helps lowering blood sugar level which potentially helps people suffering from diabetes. More than tea it works as a medicinal drink.

Healthy teeth and mouth:

The bacteria and sugar in your mouth is the major cause of bad breath and tooth decay. According to the studies the artificial sweeteners are quite harmful to teeth. You might be thinking that you need to go sugar-free in your life. White tea has a refreshing and nice flavor with zero bitterness. If you brew it properly you might get to sip a cup of tea which has a sweet undertone and is mild to taste. Silver needle tea will help in killing the bacteria which harms your teeth and gums.

Cancer prevention:

Several type of research have shown a strong connection between tea and the potential of treating and preventing cancer. The anti-oxidant properties in silver needle white tea help you to build RNA which prevents the mutation of genetic cells which may lead to cancer.

Processing of silver needle tea:

Something that distinguishes white tea from other varieties of tea is the oxidation process that it undergoes. Oxidation undergoes when tea leaves are broken and thus great care is needed while making white tea. The buds remain undamaged in this process. Here go the processing steps that you may go through.

Silver needle tea withering:

The silver needle buds are laid carefully in a shallow basket and it wilts under the sun. It may take as long as 3-4 days. The best of white tea is made that way only but the weather may ruin a batch of tea so sometimes the process is carried out indoor using artificial warmth.

Silver needle tea drying:

After the process of withering, the buds are bake dried at a low temperature and it is ready to be packet. This delicate yet simple process renders a unique and healthy flavourful tea.

Substitute for coffee:

For those who are looking for an alternative for coffee, white needle tea might be the best for them. Like coffee, this is rich in Caffeine and it will keep you alert and the thiamine content in it will give you mental calmness. The caffeine content in coffee gives an immediate burst of short-lived energy. Whereas, the caffeine in tea releases slow energy to your body in a long-lasting way.

This amazing tea is something that you should not miss out on!


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