SEO Ranking Factors to Consider in 2019


If you are in the digital marketing field, then you will always come across the term search engine optimization (SEO). As a website owner, the continuous success of your website depends on search engine optimization. In fact, your website might be the most beautiful in your industry, but incompetent if it does not have traffic.

Therefore, it is good to say the heartbeat of your site is “ideal” SEO. We have used the term “ideal” because new and influential trends are always being introduced in the market. Nonetheless, SEO remains to be the most effective plan. Also, Google is committed to remaining as the best search engine. Thus, here are some things to consider for higher Google ranking in 2019:

  • Page speed

This factor can help your website to rank on the first page of Google. As a matter of fact, you should regularly optimize your website’s speed. And, suit it to the performance parameters of Google. Further, if the speed of your website is slow, the impression it creates to your users is bad. In addition, if the loading time of your page is long, your users might get annoyed and leave your website. So, you should enhance the speed of your website, as well as the response time of your server.

  • Amazon search

Amazon search factor was introduced in the market the other day. In fact, most people are unaware of it. Although Amazon is not a global search engine, it is utilized in internal search in Amazon pages. A recent study shows that around 51% of internet users first visit Amazon when purchasing something. Indeed, it is true to say the present Google of e-commerce is Amazon. Therefore, if your website is product-based, your SEO plan should entail Amazon.

  • Mobile-friendliness

Among the most essential ranking factors in 2019 is mobile-friendliness. In 2018, Google said that mobile website version that is optimized, attractive, responsive, and with a good UI would be ranked on top of SERP. This change created many buzzes in the market, and it affected many websites. Thus, ensure your website is mobile-friendly for higher ranking. You can also hire WP Experts who will provide SEO Optimization services.

seo ranking factors 2019

  • Rank brain

Among the most important features in SEO is a rank brain. The rank brain is an artificial intelligence algorithm that gets written into mathematical vectors which the computer can understand. Further, this program helps in processing of Google search engine questions. Thus, your keyword selection is based on search queries. As a result, your website will be ranked automatically in SERP.

  • Good brand image

Every website that is the product or service-based needs a good brand image. For Google to consider your brand as a ranking signal, you should make a powerful brand image through advertising, trust, and good reputation among others. Besides that, you can utilize the unlinked brand name in your SEO plan for the creation of a powerful brand presence.


SEO is very important in the creation of online presence through top ranking. Apart from the above factors, you should have unique and reader-friendly content on your website for easier ranking. Also, you should update your website on a regular basis or you can hire WordPress Experts who will take care of your WordPress Updates.


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