10 Guide to Choose the Best Screen Printing Machine for Shirts

screen printing machine

Nowadays, the screen printing machine for t-shirt is becoming very popular all over the world due to its simplicity, versatility and economic nature. There are many types of screen printing machines on the market of different brands and models. Among the machines available on the market, some are automatic and other manuals. Each type has some unique features as well as some limitations. The choice of one, in particular, depends on certain factors. This article aims to reveal the hidden sides of a screen printing machine for shirts. Furthermore, its scope of use, features and limitations will be discussed in the following sections.

  1. Know the automatic and manual screen printing machine

Manual screen printing machines are fully involved with physical activities time of printing. The lifting carousel, the adjustment of the print heads, the functioning of the standards, etc. They need manual action. It’s natural, manual printing takes a long time for installation and operation. But automatic screen printing requires minimal manual action during the general printing operation.

  1. Labor Intensive

The ration of produced goods or service and the amount of capital needed to make service or good help to measure the degree of labor intensity. The higher the percentage of the labor costs, the greater the work required by the company. So need to concern about the labor-intensive. The machine consists of higher intensive of labor.

  1. Speed limitations

Machine speed always required for any business of production. In the case of a printing machine, it’s more need and deed. For example, Manual screen printing is obviously slow in producing results. An automatic screen printing machine is able to produce 10 times the finished product a day compared to a manual printing machine. Therefore, managing a large quantity of production to meet a deadline is not suitable for a manual machine with low printing speed.

  1. Consistency

Anything is calculating with the consistency of output so when you decide to purchase a screen printing machine for t-shirt then think about the future and try to Select the high range of benefits with the higher rate of consistency.

  1. Large orders can be processed or not

After knowing about the consistency of machine insure about the production rate of machine. Always you want to make your order and supply high. So when choosing machine then meter of concern that “Can those machines perform in heavy condition.

  1. Cost savings

For better output, you need to know about the input. Cost is major input for any business. When you choose a machine to purchase you have to think about buying price and other relative costs for production.

screen printing machine for t-shirt

  1. Space-saving 

Best use of space is the major thing to start a business like T-shirt printing. Space management is so important. In actual sense, Space-saving includes space-saving beds and tables and other space-saving furniture. The space-saving beds and tables have more functional properties than any other type of furniture because they are the most used furniture. These types of furniture are useful for conserving the space of a room

  1. Color& station

Choosing the right color and season is a difficult decision. It is better to choose a screen printing device that has a number of heads equal to the number of designs you use on the shirt, including an additional die for black or dark clothes. For a one-color design, you can take a print of one or two colors. The t-shirt screen printing machine with 4 and 8 colors is very useful for printing versatile designs and can perform several jobs simultaneously. The multi-colored printer is suitable for multiple projects. Finally, the screen printing machine of a colored t-shirt is suitable for small one-handed printing companies. Then you can expand your business. If you invest a lot at the beginning of your printing business to get a high-quality printing press, you can’t easily succeed. You can buy any printing machine you want, but make sure you buy in the right place and with the right brand screen printing machine

  1. Automatic or manual screen printing machine

If you are looking for a printing machine for your small brand or company, you can choose a manual screen printing device. You may have the simple idea of ​​printing. Ask yourself, how many print jobs do you need? I think if you follow a few tricks, you can cover your print job. As a beginner, manual printing is the best to choose. If you can investigate, again and again, you can calculate the exact result with your hand; You can easily increase your investment with manual screen printing.

When your business starts to grow, you can look for a high-quality screen printing machine. At an advanced level of your printing activity, you can start printing with the automatic screen printing machine. You may not know the magic of the automatic screen printing machine. This type of printer can print per hour or month. If you want to get the most out of your business, you can take the automatic equipment. Why do you choose an automatic? It can be printed alone

  1. Desktop or stand-alone screen printing machine

Those wishing to use the standing machine or tabletop press may be worried as it is related to space. Space is not an obstacle for this type of printing. But you have to think in a limited space. If you plan to buy a screen printing machine, limited space will not be an obstacle to the printing machine. In several markets, you will find many large desktop machines such as independent printing. The desktop printing machine is suitable for printing posters or t-shirts. It’s mobile, you can even move on the road and print different colours in your bedroom or kitchen. In reality, you will get many benefits because it is mobile and you can use it in a limited space. On the other hand, if you have the ability to print in a large space, you can choose the large or full size. Stand-alone size or desktop screen printing machine. You can run these machines for long hours.


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