5 Most Popular and Demanding Jobs in the USA


The USA is a hub for many students to pursue their careers. Apart from native Americans, many students and employees also decided to work in the USA. You can either study there and get the work permit or directly apply for a work visa. You will need to have 3-4 years of experience in order to get a work visa without any problems. Also, if you have experience in something that you did for yourself or as a hobby or a project you can mention it. For example, if you are a software developer and created a software project in your senior year named write my essay or inventory management or a game, etc. you must include it in your resume. The United States of America also attracts a large number of employees and students because it has the most number of ranked universities and is home to many Multinational Companies. 

People who are willing to work in such companies apply for a work visa or students get admission in the universities so that they are eligible to sit for placements of such companies. Also, mentioning some skills can be helpful, if you mention that you like helping other than support it with a story. For example, you can say that you use to offer Assignment Help Melbourne to your peers or tutored them whenever they needed it. Whatever the case is, the USA is probably one of the best companies to work and study in. 

5 Most Popular Jobs in the USA

Whether you are a student or an employee, this list can help you both to understand the job trends in the USA. Currently, these 11 jobs are quite popular and demanding in the USA as discussed below:

1. Marketing Manager:

A marketing manager is a person having the responsibility to develop and implement strategies to promote the products and services of the organization. It is the duty of the marketing manager to get the best out of their staff by creating plans and explaining them their roles. All small plans support the main plan is to widen or expand the boundaries of the business. A marketing manager has contact with advertising agencies, outside links, etc.that help him or her to carry out the objectives and accomplish the goals. 

  • Degree – Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (preferred) in marketing or business administration. 
  • Certification – Professional certificate can be helpful
  • ExperienceExperience is required
  • Key SkillsCommunication, interpersonal, computer, managing, leadership, flexible, etc. are skills required. 
  • Average Annual Salary$ 64,405

2. Finance Manager:

Finance Manager has a responsibility to control and manage the finances of an organization. The managers have to prepare financial statements, maintain records, look after capital investments, cash flow, ensure the work is done legally, etc. 

  • DegreeBachelor’s or Master’s degree (preferred) in business administration or financial controls or diploma in finance management. 
  • CertificationNot mandatory but CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) can be useful.
  • ExperienceExperience is required usually 5 years in some financial occupations (loan officer, financial analyst, accountant, etc.). 
  • Key SkillsAnalytical, communication, detail-oriented, math skills, etc.  
  • Average Annual Salary$ 90,185

Jobs in the USA

3. Software Developer:

Providing solutions for IT problems by creating an application or system software is the main responsibility of software developers. Software developers are also known as a computer programmer. Job duties of software developers mainly involve studying existing systems, installation, maintenance, etc. 

  • DegreeBachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent.    
  • CertificationNot compulsory but Certification in Software development or programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, etc. can be helpful. 
  • ExperienceFresher can also apply but experienced will be preferred.
  • Key SkillsAnalytical, logic building, critical thinking, algorithms, data structures, math skills, etc.  
  • Average Annual Salary$ 70, 530

4. Web Developer:

A web developer has to draw, design and code a responsive website. Web developers are the people that provides web solutions to the people or organization. They have to ensure that the website is running smoothly, efficiency thereby providing the user with a great experience and simple user-interface. 

  • DegreeBachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer science or equivalent.    
  • CertificationCertification in web development and languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, etc. is better. (Not compulsory) 
  • ExperienceExperience is not compulsory.
  • Key SkillsAnalytical, logic-building, designing, etc.  
  • Average Annual Salary$ 59,000

5. Mechanical Engineer:

A mechanical engineer has a responsibility to manage and provide necessary specifications for mechanical components. He or she also has to look after the design, development, and manufacturing of a mechanical system.  

  • DegreeBachelor’s or Master’s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent.    
  • CertificationIndustry-related certificate is beneficial but not mandatory. 
  • ExperienceExperience is not compulsory.
  • Key SkillsAnalytical, logic-building, designing, etc.  
  • Average Annual Salary$ 69,750

Best part about these jobs is that they are demanding as well as popular. Apart from this, they provide growth and development plans and you don’t even have to worry about the increments. As these jobs are of a higher position and status, it is important that you gain the required skills to stand out from the rest. Make sure, you have the ability to sell yourself to the company by proving your worthiness. Other than good grades, you also need to work on your interpersonal and communication skills as they are required in every field. Hence, if you keep these things in account, you will definitely get selected for these jobs.


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