Best Online Identity Verification Services To Raise Your Business Profits

Identity Verification

Due to the increasing number of fraudsters in cyberspace, it’s the need of the hour to have identity verification services with high perfection. Identity verification services were developed to follow the Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) rules. These products verify identity both online using artificial intelligence and in-person by human intelligence.

Why Business Need Online Identity Verification Services?

With electronic online identity verification services in place that stores copies of your identity document checks, date and time-stamped with a record of who made the check, your business is always prepared for an audit. Verifying documents online decreases the risk of frauds like identity theft and many other online scams. So it’s more important than ever to have digital identity verification software for the business. Some of the identity verification products are mentioned below:


Jumio provides end to end ID and identity authenticity to fight back frauds and integrate new customers faster. With ID scanning and instant selfie, Jumio allows you to accurately know the originality of your customer lowering the risks of digital forgery. Jumio’s end-to-end identity verification and authentication solutions fight fraud, maintain compliance and onboard good customers faster and this whole procedure takes  a few minutes only. 


Trulioo is the leading global identity verification service provider with immediate electronic identity and address verification for 5 billion people in 195 countries. They verify customers online, anywhere in seconds because knowing your customer mitigates online fraud risks. Electronic identity verification they increase trust and safety online, reduce customer abandonment and drive customer acquisition. They use layer facial recognition technology for increased security.

Online Identity Verification Services

Shufti pro:

Shufti Pro which is an AI-based SaaS product conduct identity verification in over 230 countries of the world. It can verify the identity of end-users from any part of the world with the help of ID cards, passports, driving licenses as well as credit cards and debit cards. Shufti pro supports 150 languages. It gives Real-time verification results, saving time. It offers onsite as well as off site verification. Shufti Pro also has a back office for proof of verification using Human intelligence to ensure more authenticity.


identify is an id verification api company, which helps reduce frauds, makes your business smoother and more profitable. It helps businesses comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and support electronic identity verification requirements. It goals to turn your customer’s smart-phone (iOS and Android) or computer into an ID scanning terminal that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC requirements. Real-time ID scanning as well verification is applied on websites and mobile applications helping reduce risk and minimize fraud for online transactions.


The iDnow provides services through which one can easily prove their identity online. The identity will be done via a video chat in which the employee will ask you to hold your documents in the cameras and tilt them to reveal the data and security features. The iDnow employees will then check and save the data and store pictures for legitimization. Finally, you will receive a code by SMS on phones. The whole procedure is fast and requires only four to five minutes but validates the originality.


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