Lloyd Bank will add 2,000 jobs to the digital transformation

Lloyd Bank

The lender cut 6,240 jobs and closed a site in Kent, but said it will create 8,000 new jobs as the network grows.

Lloyds Banking Group confirmed on Tuesday that it will cut more than 6,000 jobs as part of the reform, but said it will create 8,000 new roles as its business digitizes.

It is understood that Lloyd believes that most of the employees will be laid off and will get new positions.

However, the United Labor Union warned that the morale of the staff of the loan staff “plunged” and demanded that there would be no strong sanctions.

In recent years, Lloyd has cut 50,000 employees and closed 500 branches. There will now be hundreds of jobs on a website in Gillingham, Kent.

A Lloyd Bank Group spokesperson said: “The Lloyd Bank Group announced today that it will increase its c.2,000 role as it enhances its ability to offer its customers new and new digital banking products and services.

“The group is investing to further digitize the bank and will refresh some of its existing roles and create new roles in its structure, while also providing colleagues with comprehensive retraining to help them build capacity to meet future roles. demand.

Lloyd said the latest announcement is part of its £3 billion commitment to invest heavily in technology and employees.

The bank reported a pre-tax profit of £1.8 billion last quarter, but is pursuing plans to cut costs and adjust its business.

United State official Rob MacGregor said the uncertainty of loyal employees is growing.

He said: “This latest announcement will undoubtedly hit the morale of employees who have to endure rounds of rounds of layoffs, closed branches and constant turmoil.”

“For workers who are closed to the Lloyd Gillingham factory, the news of increased jobs will prove to be a bitter fruit. These hardworking staff face limited opportunities for redeployment, while other national staff may be unable to travel or move Forced to be unemployed to the location of the new role.

“Unite will force Lloyds to ensure that it does not impose sanctions and ensure that employees in new positions are supported and skilled in their ability to continue to provide the best customer service.”


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