Importance of Protein and Fiber in your Diet


Fibers and proteins are important constituents of your body and help regulate healthy bodily functions. It is important to include both of these in your diet. A scarcity of either can cause an imbalance in your overall well being. 

Importance of protein in your diet:

  • Protein is a macro-nutrient. Your body requires proteins in large quantities for it to function normally. Since protein is not stored in your body for later usage, it is required to have some amount of protein in every meal that you have. Proteins are the constituent elements in tissues and muscles. For the repair and growth of your tissues or muscles, protein is the key requirement. The well functioning and health of your bones, blood, skin, muscles, and tissues are all dependent on protein. Proteins can affect your bone density to a large extent. This macro-nutrient forms the key element of your body. 


  • Protein is most often consumed in the form of meat. One has to carefully choose the kind of meat they choose to consume. Processed meats or poultry with skin has a large quantity of saturated fats. It is advised to mainly eat poultry without skin and consume fish. Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids which have less fat than in meats like chicken or beef. For other sources of protein, one can also consume beans, whole grains and a variety of nuts like almonds, peanuts and cashews. Proteins can also be consumed in the form of supplements. Supplements provide the whey and casein content of proteins in larger amounts. Whey protein supplements in India can be bought online and are a very effective source of whey protein in one’s diet. One can drink whey protein supplements after a workout or after waking up in the morning. 


  • Proteins act as a regulating agent in your body. They have the ability to regulate the concentration of acids, bases and enzymes in your body. They play a significant role in maintaining the required pH level of your bodily functions. Even slight changes in your pH can be adverse to your health.


  • Hemoglobin is a form that makes up your red blood cells. In order to maintain a healthy blood count and a good hemoglobin level, one should consume enough proteins. Without enough proteins, you might feel fatigued and weak. 


  • Proteins are the constituent elements of immunoglobulins, which are popularly known as antibodies. Antibodies help your body to fight off infections and protect your body against diseases and infections. Whenever you get hurt, antibodies help repair your wounds and ensure that it is not infected. The healthy functioning of this entire system for your protection is only possible due to proteins. Proteins become a key determining factor of your overall health and well being. 


  • Proteins have the ability to increase your metabolism rate and fat burning capacity. Having a good amount of protein with every meal will also lead you to feel less hungry throughout the day and avoid unhealthy snacking. 

Protein and Fiber in your Diet

Importance of fiber in your diet:

  • Dietary fibers are found in large quantities in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fibers are the non-digestible carbohydrates that form the roughage in your body. Their functioning is way more than just producing, dietary fiber helps to maintain a healthy body. Men and women should consume 38 and 25 grams of fiber every day. Dietary fibers help to normalize and maintain good bowel movements. It leads to fewer chances of constipation or diarrhea if dietary fibers are consumed in moderation. High fiber diets also help to prevent diseases and in the colon. 


  • Soluble fibers help absorb the sugar in the blood. By absorbing excess sugar content in your blood, fibers keep away threats of high sugar levels and type 2 diabetes. Eating high fiber foods have proven to reduce the risks of diabetes in the long run.


  • High fiber food is more filling and makes you feel full for a long period of time. On the other hand, low fiber food does not take much time to digest and makes you feel hungry every now and then. This leads to snacking unhealthy junk food which adversely affects your health. 


  • Controlling cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attack and heart disease.

Soluble fibers like oats, beans and bran help reduce the low protein in your body, which is also known as ‘bad cholesterol’. Soluble fibers in your diet reduces your cholesterol levels, and the risk of heart problems. 

Ideally, your everyday diet should consist of a good proportion of fibers and proteins according to your needs. If you are trying to become fitter and are hitting the gym often, it is best you increase your protein intake. If you are looking to achieve an overall balance and healthy functioning of your body, you should not ignore adding fiber to your diet. Both proteins and fibers, make your body healthy and protect it against long term diseases and increase the strength of your muscles and bones. It is advisable to eat a balanced diet consisting of proteins and high fibers.


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