Impact Of Internet On Education


Internet is one of the most important sources of getting knowledge. Internet covers numerous issues that take place all over the world. One of the advantages of using internet is that it gives lots of information to us. Students can utilize internet as a substitution of reading materials and reference books as it contains an endless source of learning.

The best way to improve the educational standard is to utilize every tool available including technology. Today’s technology provides a valuable opportunity for the students to practice new learning techniques. Computer based communication can offer many educational opportunities. The new technology has made it easy for students all over the world to get the skills they need to progress in society. This is the impact of internet on education.

In the modern age of science and technology it is difficult to imagine a school or college without computer and internet. Using internet for educational purpose is much more interesting too. You can refer the topics in very less time with the graphics and animations which makes the study much more interesting than referring books.

The use of computer and internet is not only a medium of entertainment, it is also used for learning new things and information that a student cannot get it from reading books. There are different educational websites, educational apps which provides required information to the students helping them in their exams, assignments etc. If a student fails to attend the regular classes due to some reason, they can learn with the help of online courses and gather information and prepare themselves for competitions.

One of the main benefits of the internet is that students can earn from internet through bloggers by sharing their knowledge. This provides a great source for income and also improves their own skills. In the recent research, it has been proven that students who use internet shows increase in memory, critical thinking, problem solving etc. The use of the internet also helps the students to improve their social life. It allows them to communicate with each other and to clear the doubt.

Use of cell phones and tabs by the students in the school or colleges have helped the students in providing quick data searches, linking with their friends and families and even with their teachers. Mobile phones can be connected to the internet at anytime and anywhere which is advantageous to students to browse anything through it related to their studies. Also students use the internet to download study materials like e-book, presentations etc. Cell phones contain various applications in various fields which one can download and install which helps the students in their academic field. So, if used correctly cell phones can easily become a tool of education.

Impact Of Internet On Education

Another technology that is communication technology is becoming highly popular in the field of education. Distance education, self learning is carried out by the means of video conferencing, educational app, live streaming etc. The use of technology is made for efficient delivery and higher level of understanding. Faculties make use of presentations in the classroom for the better understanding of the students. In labs, both the software and hardware are used by the students in order to apply their practical knowledge and arrive to their results in a real time scenario. 

Now a days, with the advent of new technologies the concept of distance education is becoming more and more common. Many colleges and universities are providing distance education, correspondence courses and online courses. The advantage of distance learning is that flexibility and freedom with which an individual can pursue for a course. One can do a course in correspondence with a job. Technologies go far beyond the classroom in order to satisfy the needs of students with disabilities. Those students can make use of the available technology in order to get them educated and progress. With the use of technology to educate the people makes them feel more confident. One of the best examples is Stephen Hawking who even after being paralyzed continued working with the use of available technologies. 

Academic performance is one of the measures to check success of any educational institutions. For the educational institution to be successful the technology must be up to date in order to improve the academics. The latest technology helped the students in performing better on examination also some of the video programs helps in their better understanding.

Technology has always influenced the students and its use in education has improved the efficiency and ease of information. Distance education plays a major role in the present education system. The pace of technological change is forcing students to continue learning new skills and new knowledge. Hence we can say that the impact of technology in the field of education is necessary for our life.



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