How to Use Offers to Drive Sales and Customer


Every business depends on its customers as they are responsible for increasing or decreasing the sales of the business. Normally when sales go upwards, most of the businessmen sit and enjoy the profit. Whereas, smart people don’t set any boundaries and always look to get more and more profit. To do so, they provide their customers with several offers. The following are a few offers that are equally good for businesses with both high and low sale percentages.

Percentage of Discounts

A percentage discount is one of the most common ways to promote sales and customers. Consumers always like to buy affordable and discounted products. When the stock of a particular product is not sold for a long time, it can be offered to customers after taking a certain percentage amount (normally 10 to 20 percent) off of its total price. These offers can be used under certain circumstances; on special events, festivals, when the product is not sold out for long, and more at Discountagent.

The company makes comparatively less percentage of profit while selling the product this way. But the plus point is that it provides the company with an opportunity to vacant space and bring the latest products in the market. The benefit is passed to the customers who get the product at a low price. Also, the product is sold out very fast.

Email Subscription

Although it may sound a bit old fashioned marketing method, it is still very trending. This technique is used particularly when a company tends to transform its regular or new customers into online shoppers. Companies offer their customers to subscribe by using their emails to get a certain percentage of discount on their first purchase. Customers who always look for discounts love to avail of this offer.

These offers can help both the companies and the customers. By providing email subscription offers, companies gather the emails of their customers on which they send their promotions in the future. Customers enjoy the discounted prices for their first purchase and also keep receiving companies’ emails to get updated with the latest deals.


There is a big difference in buying one thing and buying two or three things in a regular purchase as the customer has to pay for each product. In multi-buys, the case is a little different. The company offers its customers to buy a bundle of products. The price of the bundle is less as compared with the collective price of all products in the bundle when bought separately. The company uses this offer to grab more customers and sales, especially when it has got the old stock for a long time.

The customer did not plan to buy three or four products initially, but after seeing the offer, he decided to buy them in the bundle. The multi-buy offer gives the company with a limited amount of profit as well as a discounted overall price to the customer. But most importantly, it helps the company sell a large number of products very fast.

Free Shipping

Most companies don’t like free shipping because they do not want to put an extra burden on their shoulders. But this facility is observed to be highly appreciated by the customers. Most of the customers tend to buy products from companies that don’t charge them for shipping costs. In this way, the customers sometimes don’t even care about the quality of the product, which is wrong.

The free shipping can only be offered by a company that is very strong and can afford shipping charges. To make for the delivery charges, many companies increase the prices of their products a little without making any additional profit. In this way, their customers and sales increase a lot as the customers get the products without even going to the market.

Refer to Your Friend

Referring the business to the others can also provide the customers with an opportunity to get discounts on their purchases. Some companies also offer a certain amount of cash back after shopping. Referring to the friends can be done online on the company’s website. As soon as the friend signs up to the company’s website and purchases something, the person who referred him receives his cashback.

This offer can be one of the easiest offers around as the customer only needs to refer to his friend. If the friend does not accept the reference, the customer does not lose anything. But if he does sign up and buy something, the customer gets his cashback instantly. This offer gives the company a great opportunity to increase its number of customers in particular and sales in general.

These are a few wonderful offers to drive customers and sales. Many other techniques are being used around the world. The methods may be a little different from each other, but the result of all of them is the same, i.e., to bring new customers and increase the sale.


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