How To Save Money For a Family Travel Trip

family travel trip

Expensive fun and Family outings are becoming ever more popular. It’s not easy to come up with new entertainment options for the little ones. If it is, then also to be a cheap family trip is really difficult. If you want to save money for a family travel trip then this article is for you.

After all, family outings can be quite nice. Ice cream, popcorn, the entrance to the swimming pool or cinema laps themselves already for individuals. If the amount is on family trips, then even four or five times, it becomes really expensive.

How To Save Money For a Family Trip

Since 2000, admission fees have increased by about 33 percent, 47 percent pay for visiting the pool, and even 141 percent for family vacations in the amusement park! Pretty much money for a family. Pretty much money for a family. And if the financial family budget is limited, then at least mom and dad can no longer enjoy a day trip to the fullest – while many expensive recreational activities must be weighed.

But that does not have to be. After all, if you cannot or do not want to pay so much, you do not need to give up family fun. With a few smart saving tips, you can save on family trips.

Family Trip Savings Tip #1

For excursions in the zoo or amusement park, you can self-cater. So, if you butter up the bread at home, you do not need to buy expensive currywurst or fries.

Family Trip Savings Tip # 2

Fun with your family can be found not only in expensive amusement parks. How about a day spent together in the village? A good picnic, an exciting trash hunt in the forest or a bike ride is not less fun.

Economical Kitchen Planning Tip # 3

Before I have a baby, I almost never stand in the kitchen. My boyfriend and I traveled a lot and therefore often ate. Of course, this was a very big change when little Karl came. But I can tell you, nevertheless, I am really professional in terms of quick cooking and disposal of residues.

Here are my basic tips to save money and cook without stress:

  • Find your five standard dishes that you can quickly and easily cook in different variations.
  • Also, cook more times than you actually ate! Our freezer is always full of frozen fruits, leftover soups or pasta dishes and so on. So even when you need to do something quickly, I can’t cook fast food or junk food. I’ll just freeze something. Saves time and nerves.

Which Foods Can I Make Myself? Tip # 4

There are so many things that I am doing in our house right now. Starting with detergents over foods such as hummus or peanut butter to detergents. Recipes are everywhere on the Internet, Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration to me.

Just peanut butter was enlightenment for me. Because you can really save so much money if you do it yourself. Just buy two bags of roasted and salted peanuts and drop them in a blender. In the gap, press again and again. If you like a little crunchy, grab a few peanuts at the beginning and hook them, or let them go through the blender one at a time and mix them at the end. So simple, tasty and much cheaper than in a supermarket!

Other things that you can do yourself: water at home with the soda stream instead of buying, mixing nut milk yourself, mixing hummus.

save money for a family travel trip

Save Money When Planning Your Family Travel Trip Tip # 5

Unfortunately, holidays are often more expensive for families because they are tied to holidays. That’s why you should start saving money at an early age. If you have decided on a holiday destination and travel period, I can add an extra tip: Make a booking with such travel agents that give you the money-back guarantee.

Buy Used and Borrow Things! Tip # 6

We feel that our family has grown by 50% since the birth of the baby. It has accumulated so many clothes and toys – I would never have thought of this before. This is natural because children grow so fast that they need new things all the time.

To save money here, I buy clothes and toys that I would like to use in Mamikreisel or eBay ads. My advice is there, I prefer to buy packages, rather than individual things. This is much less stressful and in sum, it is really much cheaper.

Other great options are rental services such as the classic library, as well as robbery items or a toy subscription. Here you can borrow things for a period by picking up or making your child happy and then send them back. If your child has not grown due to time and you have already paid the full purchase price in a subscription, then you can leave clothes.

Search Unknown Destinations Tip # 7

Let me return to the topic “Save Money for a family travel trip”, because here you can think about where a vacation can be more expensive and cheaper. A classic example is Portugal. Here, most people always want to go to Lisbon, and I can understand it too well because the city is simply fantastic. However, a great and cheaper alternative is Postage. The city is smaller, just as pleasant and much cheaper than apartments and on-site entertainment.

So, I hope there are some tips for you. If you still have a mastiff, then write him in the comments, so that everyone else has something of it. Have a great family trip!


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