How to Layer Your Jewelry for a Unique, Trendy Look

Trendy Jewelry

Styles are constantly changing in the fashion world, but layering accessories is a practice that has stood the test of time. The divas of the 1980s paired their big hairstyles with big earrings, rings, and belts. Ancient Egyptian princesses would wear so many thick bangle bracelets that the bracelets would extend up to their forearm. While those days are long gone, the idea of layering jewelry has survived and evolved. Today, it is a cute fashion trend you can take advantage of during any season.

The majority of us have a sizable jewelry collection, but we often pick our favorites and wear the same things over and over again. It can be easy to throw on the same pieces out of habit, because you are in a rush in the mornings, or because you took your rarely-worn pieces and locked them up in a jewelry box. Changing up the accessories can give an old outfit a completely new look, and even help your outfit transition from one season to the next. It’s time to dig out your forgotten jewelry and start layering. 

The Layered Necklace Trend

The trick to creating the perfect layered necklace look is to stage different chain lengths. It is common to swap out the chain that came with a pendant you love, especially if it is just a little too short. That means you likely have at least two different lengths of chains to work with, so try wearing more than one at once.  Long chains draw attention to your bust area, while shorter chains keep the focus closer to your face. Extremely long necklaces can be doubled up and staggered to create a cascading effect.

Another key is to keep it simple. Use matching metals, thin chains, and various pendants to draw attention where you want it.  You can also mix the color of metal you’re wearing! Mixing silver and gold is a popular trend. This can be done with or without pendants to create a variety of looks.

The weights of your chain will also affect your look. Going too big and bold can give your outfit a tribal feel. Unless you’re intentionally going for that style, this can look gaudy and old fashioned. Small, semi precious stones and pearls will accent your overall style rather than detract from it. Depending on the sizes of your necklaces, you could get away with layering up to 4 or 5 layers at one time. 

Don’t forget to consider the neckline of the top you will be wearing and how the necklaces will compliment it. You don’t want a necklace that is just short enough to keep slipping under the neckline. You want to show off your necklaces, not hide them!

Adding a choker to your regular-length necklaces is always a nice way to create a negative space on your chest that will draw the eye’s attention. The triangular shape that is created by a choker and say, a 22” chain, will make a nice focal point between your chin and bust.

Stack Your Bracelets

Necklaces aren’t the only accessory you can layer. Wearing multiple bracelets is a popular trend that never seems to go out of style. Using matching metal chains and stacking them on each wrist is a great way to add some dimension to your outfit. Multiple bangle bracelets will give you a casual and carefree vibe, and you can stack similar widths and colors for an extra-jangle appearance. Layering leather bracelets look amazing when you pair them with earth tone clothing and accessories. Small, beaded bracelets in subdued colors are a nice touch for casual, everyday attire.


Rings for Lonely Fingers

Rings aren’t just for your ring finger, and you’re allowed to wear more than just your engagement ring and wedding band! You can even wear more than one ring at once. Many rings today are stack able so you can easily mix them up and wear more than one on a single finger.

Just like with necklaces, it is no longer considered a fashion taboo to mix and match different metals together. Some jewelry today is made with three colors of gold – yellow, rose, and white. If you are married or soon to be married, the rings you wear for your wedding does not have to dominate your hands. Go ahead and create a metallic rainbow that shines from your fingers! 

Like with anything in our world, remember it is best to layer in moderation. If you decide to layer your necklaces, you should avoid doing the same with your bracelets and rings. Layering everything at once will be overwhelming and distract from your style. Let your layers enhance your appearance and give an old outfit a new look. 

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Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and the world of fitness. 



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