How to Keep Mosquitoes At Bay This Monsoon Season


As the weather gets warmer, most of us love spending time outside. But the weather along with the backyard barbecues brings the uninvited guests— the mosquitoes. It becomes essential to learn how to repel mosquitoes around your home. Are there plants to keep mosquitoes away in this monsoon season? Thankfully there are several herbs and plants that repel mosquitoes effectively. The plants contain strong scents that humans find pleasant, which can be used to mask your own smell and keep nearby mosquitoes at bay. The aroma has to be in the air around you, at the very least, but ideally on your skin. 


Basil (Tulsi) does not just add amazing flavor to your favorite dishes, but it can also keep away mosquitoes. This holy plant has major gardening benefits, like attracting bees, enhancing the flavor of other plants, and perhaps most important, repelling pesky mosquitoes. This plant naturally emits aroma, so there’s no need to crush the leaves or prepare it in any form. Basil is mostly toxic to mosquito larvae, so you can put it near standing water. You need to grow this amazing plant around any natural water sources, such as a pond, to deter mosquitoes from laying eggs. 


Did you know mosquitoes dislike most of the scents humans find pleasing? Yes, its true,  and lavender is one of them. It is a beautiful aromatic plant with small purple flowers. In addition to being used as a great tea ingredient, lavender can also keep away flying pests. It can calm your mind after a long day and drive mosquitoes far away. Plant it in your backyard and all-around your house – especially under the windows, near the back porch, and around doors.  It repels not only fleas, mosquitoes, flies but even moths.

Monsoon Season


These beautiful annual flowers grow almost everywhere. Apart from surprising your dear ones with online flower delivery, they can help you in keeping flying pests away. They have a strong fragrance, and their scent is attractive to the human nose but highly unattractive to mosquitoes!  Marigolds contain a compound —pyrethrum, used in many repellants and sometimes referred to as “nature’s insecticide.” An ideal way to keep mosquitoes away would be to plant marigolds in pots and placing near basic mosquito entry points of the home, like windows and doorways. 

Scented Geranium:

Scented geraniums have a small portion of citronella oil that makes them a popular mosquito repelling plant. These mosquito-repelling flowers bear beautiful blooms and come in vibrant colors that make them a great choice for decorating as well. Not just mosquitoes, these beautiful blooms with a strong fragrance helps keep several types of pests away. 

Floss Flower:

It is another attractive annual flower that contains a chemical called coumarin that is used in common mosquito repellents. Floss flowers come several shades of blue, pink white and purple and could make a good complement to any bouquet. Its fuzzy flowers provide a pleasant visual appeal to your garden. One thing to keep in mind is that the coumarin is toxic to humans as well, so be aware. 

Citronella — Mosquito Plant

Citronella has long been marked as one of the most effective plants to repel mosquitoes. Therefore, its oil is commonly found in mosquito repellents and candles. It is normally found in planters but can also thrive in gardens in frost-free areas. As Citronella withstands a variety of climates and soils, so it’s also one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain. You can even draw its benefits by rubbing the crushed leaves on your skin. 

In order to get the maximum advantage of these natural mosquito repellents, crush few herb leaves in your hands to release their perfume and essential oils, and then rub the leaves and their oils over your skin. Your mosquito-repelling plants can only work out, however, if you use them properly. Often, the best way to deter mosquitoes from invading your space is to plant some repellent plants in a small area or plant them in pots, which can be easily moved to where you need them. In order to get fresh flowers arrangement online, you are just a few clicks away! 


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