How important is it for any company to do CSR activities?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) demands companies to work ethically and contribute to the well-being of society at large and not just be money minting entities. The focus is on sustainability of the business, which depends on social and environmental well-being. The prime objective of Corporate Social Responsibility is ensuring meaningful engagement of a business with the society, which means careful consideration of the society, community, environment and human rights. However, the question is does CSR activities really help a business entity. What does a company gain out of the whole exercise or it is just because of the law that the companies have to abide by?

If you are a business owner, you need to know the benefits of working towards fulfilling the objectives of CSR. While we list down the advantages of CSR, we can’t skip to mention the biggest factor that impacts the whole business scenario nowadays – Customer Awareness. It has been widely observed that customers are engaging preferentially with businesses that operate ethically and actively seek products from such businesses. Customers value the efforts of a business to improve common lives and thus try to contribute to those businesses by buying their products or services. This leads to a better sustainability of a business.

Some other advantages of corporate social responsibility, which give a clear picture why a company should engage wholeheartedly with CSR, are:

1. Increased Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement:

As part of your CSR activities, you are engaging with people, who may be somehow associated with your customers or may be are prospective customers. Thus, whatever work you do as part of CSR, you are registering your brand in the minds of your people who are connected with your customer. With media and word of mouth publicity, your customer will feel proud to be associated with you and may even come forward with an offer to assist.

2. Improved public image:

If your employees are seen working for social good, it creates a favorable impression in the minds of customers. Thus, your products will get preference over others.

3. Competitive Edge and Cost Savings:

By means of CSR activities, you will always be noted among your competitors and customers will have more trust in your products and services. Also, you can save costs, if you go for environmental friendly decisions and material for your company.

4. Employee Engagement:

Employees enjoy doing CSR activities as it gives more meaning to their work and life. They would also love working for a company with a good public image. Your involvement in CSR also helps you attract and retain top talent. Apart from this, your employees will feel empowered and have better personal and professional growth, leading to a positive workplace.

CSR activities

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have been spreading awareness about arising environmental issues through our mascot “Sowparbee. We try to encourage people to plant trees and do waste segregation by carrying out various campaigns. Stationery items and books are also being distributed among the government schools in Bengaluru and nearby districts.

As Sowparbee herself is a tiny creature, and works tirelessly, she sets the perfect example for children that being small or young doesn’t matter when you have the right mindset and a burning desire to help everyone around you. She breaks up seemingly huge concepts like environment preservation and social empowerment into small, doable and fun tasks which the children enjoy carrying out.

For Sowparbee, CSR activities of the Sowparnika group are an excellent way to leverage the power of youth to change the world. She introduces children and youth to new vistas of contributing meaningfully towards making the world better, just the way she makes the world a little sweeter with her pure honey which she makes with great passion and tireless energy.

Come, join Sowparbee in her drive to enrich the lives of young ones with the passion to change the world and develop a problem solving mindset instead of moping over what is not quite right. She keeps launching relevant and achievable drives and initiatives every now and then for the youth to enable them to extend their support towards the needy and do improve the condition of those around them, to create an equitable society whose citizens are healthy, active and aware. Lend your support to this little bee, be a part of her initiatives and bring about a change in the lives of everyone around you.

Sowparbee’s advisors are Saalumarada Thimmakka, Ms. Urmila Chanam and Ms. Anantha Lakshmi, who have tirelessly and selflessly worked towards the betterment of the society and empowerment of the weaker sections of the society. Sowparbee cares for the society, strives for quality and nurtures relationships. It inspires and encourages children and youth to be the best version of themselves and create the best version of the world. Putting social relationship management at the fore, Sowparbee is a shining example of how a corporate citizen can use its resources to deliver happiness to the masses and inculcate a sense of care and concern for our planet, even at the smallest level and with the smallest effort.


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