How Can You Protect Your Children From Android Addiction?

Android Addiction

Are you seeking a solution to mitigate kids Android addiction? Don’t worry, the Kids safety app for Android comes in rescue.

The internet world has made the lives of people easy and complicated. With the use of web technology, people can pay bills, play games, transact business, arrange travel itineraries, and much more easily. Whereas, its addiction can make a child’s life complicated.

Internet and smartphones are useful for entertainment and education, which is why teens are fond of it. In fact, children are more technospeak than their parents.

But, nowadays unbound access to Cybernet, has created an adverse impact on a kid’s mental and physical health.

Let us take a glance at the correlation between children and mobile obsession.

Android Addiction and Teens

Adolescence is a phase of discovering the self-identity and associating oneself with role models offering teens a sense of belonging. Children admire the web world that allows them to stay connected.

They develop an emotional attachment with their Android smartphone that provides access to social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

Kids can express their emotions freely, voice out opinions, share content, post photos, and perform many more things which they hesitate doing in real life.

Android Phones + Internet = Android Addiction, which is rampant amongst teens and draws them to inappropriate websites or browsing pages like Tinder or dating sites.

Unaware of the consequences kids create their profile on objectionable apps and dare to meet online stalkers in person.

Constantly checking notifications, spending endless time on the phone, getting distracted during studies, continuously checking device during sleep, etc. are prominent symptoms of internet obsession.

Such issues may lead to serious health problems and disturb real-life relationships.

Thus, parents need to curb a child’s web access craving. But how? Keep reading further to know more.

How Can Parents Help Alleviating Internet Addiction Of Children?

1.Evaluate your phone habits:

Don’t stop using your phones; rather, evaluate your mobile needs carefully. Is it necessary to answer every call or respond to each message during meals or while on family outings? Few texts or calls can be postponed when you are spending productive time with kids.

If parents form a bad habit of neglecting family time for checking or answering their phones continuously, children will start following the same practice.

Hence, as parents, reduce your cell phone usage and pay more attention to your children.

  1. Devote time in preaching good habits:

Make your child understand the pros and cons of the internet. Explain them few incidents of excessive screen time by citing real-life examples.

Devote your time in helping children in their studies or playing football.

  1. 3.Child tracking app for parents:

Parents can use the kid safety app to control and supervise a child’s digital activities.

Parental control application comes handy to protect children from Android addiction. Let’s find out how?

a.Setting the phone usage limit:

Time Schedule and App Time Limit tools will enable parents to fix the curfew hours on kids device.

You can create a time boundary for kids to permit them using each app. It will also reduce their device screen time and let them focus on other important activities.

  1. Filtering appropriate content:

App Blocker tool blocks the malicious applications on kids device.

If children are addicted to using certain social media websites like Snapchat or Kik, you can immediately block them with App Blocker.

Additionally, child monitoring app allows parents to activate the App Install Blocker tool which intercepts kids from downloading any new applications.

Recent news on the BBC shows the need for child tracking apps.

“According to a 2018 survey, 65% of parents and kids were in favor of parental control applications. The software helped them in ending the struggle between distressed parents and online life spent by kids.”

kids Android addiction

  1. Enabling Kiosk Mode:

Kiosk Mode is an exclusive feature of Bit Guardian Parental Control application that permits parents to choose apps for kids usage.

You can select the number of apps that will appear on a kids device screen, and a child can get access to only those specified applications.

The kiosk gives parents indirect access to a child’s phone.

  1. Other benefits:

Child tracking app for parents is not just limited in curbing the kid’s device obsession, but also a helping tool in many situations that includes:

  • Sending an instant Panic alert to parents if kids face dangerous situations
  • Locating child’s whereabouts
  • Blocking suspected or unidentified callers.
  • Finding the missing gadget
  • Saving teens from unhealthy problems using different tools of kids safety app and much more.

Protect your children from the scourge of the internet with one of the most trustworthy child monitoring apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Its better late than never. Download the free application now!


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