How Age Matters in Social Security Disability?

Social security disability claim

Social security disability is an act which is for the people who are physically unable to work, and they get income supplements from the government. There are so many people out there, who are suffering from physical disability, and the government takes the responsibility to take care of them and their family.

However, age is a crucial matter when social security disability is checked. An applicant has to admit the age and other details of them to the government office, and then the proceeding starts. If the application is not approved, the person will not get any help from the act. So, if you are unaware of this fact, here, check how the age matters in the disability cases.

Disabled Minors

You can always have the question on, is age impacts social security disability, the answer will be yes, it does. If a person is under 18, there might be a problem getting the benefit. According to the SSDI, no minor applicant is to be qualified, they still do not have the chance to earn, or pay the taxes for security. So, here, you can get the best option from Ssi Disability Lawyer Utah . The age of the disabled person impacts on the proceedings of the application too. Children who are under 18 have to appear in an interview with an SSA representative.

Social security disability

SSDI Auxiliary Benefits

For some alternatives, SSDI auxiliary benefits are calculated for children who have adult SSDI recipients. Age is always a factor in this case because the children are eligible if they meet one of the criteria mentioned below,

  • Age is under 18
  • They are the age of 18 to 19 and still is a student
  • Their age is 19 but they have become disabled before the age of 22

Work Credits

The work credits are mapped based on the individual’s history of employment. To get qualified for the SSDI, the applicant has to show the specific amount of work time with concern. Then the age of the applicant when they have become disabled, and it will determine the number of work credits they will get.

Residual Functional Capacity

If you want to get SSDI and SSI benefits, then the SSA will have to evaluate the effects of your current condition and your ability to work. Once this is done, they will attempt to decide that if you are capable of doing something called the RFC, residual functional capacity. This RFC will measure that you will be able to do some different kind of works. This will check your education, skill, training, and with that, your age will be checked. If the person is young, then they will be able to learn new things and can adjust to suitable work.

Full Retirement Age

If you have become disabled when you have retired, you won’t have to apply for SSD benefits. If you already have SSDI advantages, then, it will automatically convert to retirement benefits.

These, are the important points on age factor for disability claims. Check it out Social Security Disability Attorney St George to get better information.


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