4 Tips that You must have Kept in Mind before Choosing Gold Bridesmaid Dresses


Gold leaves a sense of empowerment and success. It is elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious. Also, it leaves optimistic energy that is warm. And a gold dress is eye-catching and passionate in its truest sense. The glistening shine can match the magic of a wedding theme. That’s why; many brides are interested in picking out gold dresses. If the maids accompany the bride in such a gorgeous shade, the wedding itself becomes more glamorous. Hence, it is a win-win situation for the bride and her maids.

Even all the singles willing to mingle can benefit out of the color illuminating love. In this fall, gold is definitely in. Nowadays, the custom made dresses are not flashy and tacky. Custom made gold attire is simply a combination of surprises. The dress can stand out and you don’t have to spend much time finding accessories. However, many bridesmaids need help. To know more, go through the following section.

The Shoes Leave an Impact

Shoes can make or break the deal. It is hard to believe but you need to put on the right shoes for gold bridesmaid dresses. Instead of choosing bold colors, the nude shade is perfect. When you are picking neon or bold colors, the shade creates a distracting effect. So, a naked shade can work well. For instance, brown is an excellent color to try with gold dresses. In addition to the context, you need to stay away from patterned shoes. The majority of the attention must remain on the dress only. To stay on the safer side, gold shoes with gold dresses are perfect as well. The dual-toned outfit idea is hard to pull off as well. But, a pair of gold pumps is not an ideal option. If you are bent upon putting on a pair of pumps, maroon or dark red pumps can make the cut.

Pair it with Burgundy

Believe it or not, burgundy can make things fun. If you are choosing a dress on glittery gold, burgundy may look garish. It is better to pick a dress with a subtle shade. A necklace with mix and match between burgundy and gold can solve the issue. The eyes will be on the shimmer instead of looking at the problematic area. As there is a burgundy neckpiece, try to get a burgundy purse as well. This will offer a unique look and make you stand out from other bridesmaids.

Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Black is not a Bad Idea, too

Black with the gold dress makes a bold statement. Have you bagged a short gold dress with ruffles below? Try a pair of black stilettos with it. Additionally, find a little black clutch. The style goes well with the peep-toes or stilettos. In case, you have the time and patience, find a pair of black shoes with a hint of gold. The contrast can transform you into the next fashionista on the block. Moreover, you can sport this trendy ensemble at a cocktail party again.

Be Careful about the Bag Choice

A bag often plays a crucial part. Most of the time, it is overlooked. As a bridesmaid, forget about carrying a tote. It makes the whole outfit messier and bulkier. A little sling bag in black can complement the luxe of the outfit. The nude or brown bags are not bad for creating balance, either. If you are too puzzled to pick a bag, keep it basic.

You can also make things right by receiving a perfect dress. In this way, you can save money and time simultaneously. Send your body measurements before placing the order and choose from the custom bridesmaid dresses.

Author bio: Susan Leavitt is a fashion blogger who has been vocal about the benefits of wearing custom bridesmaid dresses for a long time. Here, she discusses a few tips to follow before choosing gold bridesmaid dresses on your friend’s D-day.


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