Fresh Fruit juices For Whitening and Lightening Skin


In our society, there are many methods of fast gets glowing skin using natural methods or rules. Many skin creams are purchased from the market as a remedy for skin transformation. But because most creams in the market have high levels of chemicals. For ages, people have thought about their beauty. Do not make the mistake of trying to make you more attractive to others that do beauty thirsty men or women.

From the earliest ages, people thought about the color of the cow. Many people have a desire for beautiful skin. Burning in the sun, soaking in the rain, physical illness, working in the kitchen for a long time, etc. lost the skin due to the natural radiance. It becomes dirty and faded. The color of the cream is never less. But in fact, the cream colors of these creams are fading? The color of the face may be a bit brighter, but the whole body’s skin? But that doesn’t really happen.

Here are some fruit juices for fair complexion:

Grape juice:

You need grape juice for skin whitening and look glowing. Grind 2: 3 fresh grapes and mix 2-3 drops of honey in it and make a paste. Apply this paste on the face and wash the face after 20 minutes. The skin will be fair. The important role plays by black grape juice for fair skin and whitening skin.

Apple juice:

Regular intake of an apple keeps you away from your doctor, but if you apply its juice on the skin, then the skin becomes blond. Make a paste by mixing a few drops of lemon and honey in apple juice. Apply this paste on the face and wash it after 15-20 minutes. By using it regularly for 1-2 months, the skin will become white.

Pomegranate juice:

Dry the pomegranate peel and grind it into a powder. Mix 4-5 drops of rose water in a teaspoon powder and apply on the face and neck. This will eliminate facial blemishes and freckles, as well as the skin color, will become blond.

Mango juice:

Mango is very tasty in food, as well as enhances the skin. Take half a bowl of ripe mango juice and make two teaspoons of yogurt mixed in it. Apply this paste on the face and wash it after 20 minutes. By regular use, the face color will become blond within a few days.

Pineapple juice:

Take two teaspoons of pineapple juice, add 4-5 drops of lemon and honey make a paste and apply it on the face, wash it after 20 minutes. Skin usage will be enhanced by regular use for 2 months.

which fruit juice is best for skin whitening

Banana juice:

Take a fresh banana and mash it well, make a paste by adding a teaspoon of curd or a few drops of olive oil. Apply this paste on the face and wash the face after 15-20 minutes. If you consume it regularly, your face will turn blonde in a few days.

Lemon juice:

Rub fresh lemon on your face comfortably, or add lemon juice and a few drops of honey to it and apply on the face. Wash this paste after 15-20 minutes, the face will blossom. Regularly drinking lemon juice is good for your skin and which fruit juice is best for skin whitening and lightening.


Take 2 -3 fresh strawberries and grind it well, apply it on the face like a mask. You can add a few drops of lemon to this paste; this will improve the face tone. If you want to make this paste better, then add a few drops of honey in addition to lemon. Apply this paste on the face and leave it to dry. Then wash the face with normal water, within a few days you will become white.


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