Food for heart patients after surgery

food for heart patients

Heart surgery is one of the most serious surgeries that any person undergoes. This surgery gives you a new life. After all, it treats all the ailments of your heart and makes sure you live longer than before. Recovering from any cardiac bypass surgery usually takes 6-8 weeks. In some cases, the process of recovery is even longer and it might take 3 months. 

According to the best heart surgeon of India, the recovery that you are undergoing after heart surgery in India depends upon many factors. These factors include the ability of your body to recover, the gravity of the heart surgery that you have had, the kind of medication that you have been put on, and lastly, the diet that you are following post the surgery. 

The best heart surgeon in India suggests that eating healthy foods is utmost important for a quick and remarkable recovery after undergoing heart surgery. Eating healthy foods help you to recover quickly and it also helps you to reduce the risk of developing more heart problems. 

Healthy eating is not rocket science anymore. On the contrary, it is easier than you may think. You are merely required to get in touch with your doctor or a nutritionist and make a good plan involving a good diet after your heart surgery.

The best heart surgeon in India suggests the following dietary habits that you are required to follow after your surgery: 

It is advised to increase the intake of more vegetables into your daily diet. You must aim for five servings of vegetables every day. At the same time, it has been recommended that you eat fresh fruits as well. 

The doctors usually recommend choosing whole grain types of bread, cereal, pasta, rice, and noodles into your diet to feel more energetic and to get important nutrients. 

One of the most important dietary changes that you need to make after your heart surgery is to limit the intake of meats, especially processed meats from your regular diet. You must not consume food items such as sausages, deli meats, salami, and others. You must lessen the consumption of red meat as well. 

best heart surgeon

It is also advised by the best heart surgeon in India to have two to three servings of fish and seafood every week to keep your heart healthy. 

Nutritionists also suggest you include legumes in at least two meals a week to improve the overall health of your heart. These legumes should include split peas, lentils, dried or canned beans, sprouts, baked beans, etc. 

Limit all kinds of takeaway as well as junk foods such as pizzas, hot chips, fried food, pastries, etc. if you wish to maintain the overall health of your heart. It is also advised to choose reduced-fat milk over the regular milk to maintain heart health. 

If you are feeling too hungry in between your lunch and dinner, the best heart surgeon in India advises you to snack on plain and unsalted nuts. 

Drink enough water to keep yourself healthy and hydrated throughout your diet plan. It is also advised not to drink canned or sweetened drinks. 


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