Fashion Trends to Try At Least Once

Latest Fashion Trends

Women know what they like and they wear what they like. But, how many times have you seen a photo on Instagram or even a stranger on the street rocking a style you adore but just don’t have the guts to wear? There are tons of fashion trends out there that you cannot just rock but totally own. You can pull it off, but you’ll never be sure until you try.

These are some of the most popular and more daring trends of the moment and you should give them a shot before writing them off as too cool. You are cool enough to rock that loud band tee shirt hiding in the bottom of your drawer. You are hot enough to wear curve-hugging clothes that make you stand out instead of blending in. And you are rad enough to wear the weirdest trends, you just have to believe it. 

  1. Paper Bag Pants

At first paper bag pants may seem wrinkled and jarring. They are not your average pants. They have design detailing that accentuates the waist and shows off your curves which not everyone is comfortable with. But, because this trend has taken off and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere there are tons of options.

You can go for a paper bag short, tapered pants, or flare pants. And the best part is that they are all so comfortable you’ll think you’re wearing pajamas. As long as you style them with a more simple and fitted top you can easily balance out the texture of the tie-waist.

  1. Dad Sneakers

Dad sneakers are a trend it took me a while to get on board with. At first I thought they were a passing fad, but they are here to stay and for good reason. Before you decide you can’t pull of such a bold and some might say ugly style consider this: they are probably the most supportive shoes on the planet. These are not just a fashion statement, but a health and wellness improvement.

Forego the heels and the flats with zero support and pick up a pair of New Balance. It might seem counter intuitive, but styling something people consider to be garish or ugly with something soft and feminine like a skirt or dress makes a statement that you are hella confident.

  1. Hair Scarves

This is probably the simplest of all the fashion trends on this list. And you don’t even have to go shopping for it. If you have a bandana laying around try out this look with that first and then if you love it, as I know you will, then you can add to your collection.
A hair scarf adds color and pizzazz to a more basic hair style. Toss one around a simple ponytail or wear one as a headband. Again they are practical, but also add a bit of boldness to your entire look. You can wear a monochrome outfit and go for a bright colored hair scarf or mix and match styles however you’d like.

Fashion Trends

  1. Men’s Shirts

Another fashion trend you can try for free is men’s dress shirts. Steal one from your boyfriend, your dad, or whomever. What is so attractive about styling a men’s shirt is that the shapelessness of it gives you unlimited options. You can tuck it into a skirt or jeans. You can leave it open to reveal a lace bralette or camisole. You can tie it at the waist for a more casual vibe too. Once again, when you are styling something more loose-fitting try to combine it with the opposite so that your look is balanced.

  1. Platform Shoes

Platform shoes were huge about 20 years ago. Just about every celebrity wore them on the red carpet. I even had platform shoes in middle school. For a while they left the spotlight, but are making a huge comeback. You can go for a softer sandal with tan tones or a bold and chunky black platform like the classics from Steve Madden. There is a platform shoe for every style and preference. Plus, they give you the height you’re after but without the aching and harsh pain of high heels. Another plus is that many platform shoes offer so much more arch support than flat sandals or other dress shoes. This way you get comfort and style all in one. You will not regret trying this fashion trend.

  1. Oversize Jackets

With fall approaching all the newest jacket styles are hitting stores. And it seems the oversize jacket trend is still here. Whether you love a faux leather jacket for an edgier look, a trucker jacket for something more low-key, or a trench coat for a chic look, you have all the choices. Maybe even try one of each and see which makes you feel the most comfortable. I love a long trench coat that is a few sizes too big. It gives you room to layer when it gets chilly out, but also adds a timeless element to any look whether that be ripped jeans for a girl’s night out or a pencil skirt for work.  

Author bio: Blake McDaniel is the owner of Rooted and Grounded. She loves all things home decor, clothing, and accessories. She enjoys combining inspirational word art with stylish clothing and decor. She has a passion for helping to remind people of the important things in life through quality, everyday products. As the owner of a Christian based company, she loves connecting with other similar brands that have the same heart.


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