Family-Friendly Vans: 3 Perfect Models For Traveling

family minivans 2019

Often we face the problem of choosing a car for the family. In fact, the sedan is small, and a minivan is not always enough in terms of interior space.

Therefore, roomy van will be the only choice to meet the needs of a large family. The popularity of vans is growing day by day, so now it’s not a problem to find an affordable van rental in St Louis, Chicago, or even in New York.

Below we will consider the best vans for a family trip, check their advantages, and try to figure out which one is the best exactly for you…

Opel Vivaro


This car is one of the best-selling vans on the market, because it’s also produced under the name Renault Trafic, and in Japan – Nissan Primastar. The unequivocal owner of this model is the General Motors concern, which first launched the Opel Vivaro in 2001. Indeed, the car is very successful in all respects: it feels great on any road and has small average fuel consumption.


There are 3 power units to choose from: 2 turbocharged diesel engines with the volume of 2.0 liters (114 hps) and 2.5 liters (146 hps), as well as a gasoline 2.0-liter engine providing 117 hps of power. All engines come with 6-step manual transmission. 9 passenger seats of the car means this is enough even for the largest family: everyone will travel with comfort.

Options are very useful, but not rich. Among the major equipment features are power windows, electronic mirrors, climate control, a second airbag, wheels, heating seats, etc.

Advantages of the car:

  • acceptable fuel consumption;
  • good maintainability;
  • the car is adapted to different road surfaces;
  • ABS, EBD, EBA systems are presented in the basic configuration;
  • low price among competitors.

Volkswagen Multivan

Volkswagen Multivan is just a chic offer from the German auto giant and is a godsend for any family. With this object, designers thought through everything to the smallest detail. As a result, the car has a wonderful organization of the internal space and a high degree of comfort of the passenger compartment. Of course, someone may not have enough 8 seats, but this is only a small drawback.

The driver will appreciate the excellent visibility: the side racks are not as wide as in other vans. In addition, in the passenger compartment, the seats are trimmed with high-quality suede.


Multivan has a wide variety of units in the engine compartment: 7 different engine modifications are available. Among them are 3 gasoline ones (from 115 to 204 hps) and 4 diesel engines (from 84 to 180 hps). As for the gearbox, a manual or 7-speed DSG automatic transmission works in pair with these power units.

There are only two equipment sets: Trendline and Comfortline. So, the budget option includes: 2 airbags, a whole range of electronic systems and assistants, a fabric interior, air conditioning, central locking, and full power accessories.

Comfortline differs only in the exterior trim. In addition to everything, an extensive list of additional options is presented, including a GPS navigator and a multimedia system.

Advantages of the car:

  • wide selection of options and engines;
  • excellent basic equipment;
  • the ability to turn a family car into a truck;
  • comfortable lounge;
  • excellent visibility;
  • true German quality.

Mercedes-Benz Viano

Nowadays, Viano is undoubtedly one of the most interesting representatives of the van market.

First of all, it’s worth noting the appearance of the car – it turned out just flawless. Inside, the car impresses with the high level of comfort that the engineers managed to achieve. In total, Viano can accommodate up to 9 passengers. Consequently, none of the passengers will feel a lack of comfort. Moreover, the suspension is perfectly tuned, thus the car literally swallows small bumps in the road.


The choice of engines is slightly smaller than that of a competitor from Volkswagen – there are 5 of them. Among them, 4 units are diesel-powered (from 95 to 163 hps) and 1 gasoline V6 engine providing the power of 224 hps. Also, each driver can choose between 2 gearboxes – 5 speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmissions are available.

Marketers from Mercedes decided to release the only 1 complete set with many options. Thus, the initial version can’t boast of a decent list of equipment: a driver’s airbag, standard electronic assistants (ABS, ESP), front power windows and an on-board computer. In addition, all the luxury options will have to be purchased separately.

Advantages of the car:

  • German quality from Mercedes-Benz;
  • the ability to assemble the filling of the car by yourself, choosing only the necessary options;
  • good capacity of 9 passengers;
  • a large glazing area will make any trip unforgettable;
  • three body options (compact, elongated and extra-long);
  • convenient sliding doors;
  • thoughtful ergonomics of the cabin.

Perhaps this list doesn’t reveal all the good vans for the family, but here are some of the best models in terms of price, quality and safety. Therefore, they will be a great choice for traveling wherever you go.


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