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Ducati Diavel 1260 S review

Back in the day, if you ask me, there was nothing that came close to being a comfortable cruiser, an exhilarating sports bike and a versatile naked altogether. But then again, that’s the sole reason they segregated these categories, didn’t they? Well, that’s when the designers at Ducati wanted to disrupt convention, and the Diavel came into the picture. You see, the Diavel is a perfect blend of that comfortable cruiser, sports bike and an upright naked, and there’s nothing in the market today that even comes close to this dapper looking Italian product.

In all fairness, the devilish-Ducati doesn’t fall into a particular category. As a matter of fact, it has created one of its own. Now, in 2019, Ducati has launched the Diavel 1260 S in India. We’re in Spain to test out the Diavel and further draft a Ducati Diavel 1260 S review.

Ducati Diavel 1260 S review

The Italian Devil!

The 2019 Diavel 1260 S, while it looks identical to its previous iteration, is an entirely new
motorcycle. The entire bike has been revamped to offer a more upright and neutral riding posture. With the back-set pegs and a wider saddle, the Diavel certainly robs away the sporty seating position of the Monster and the cruiser-like stance of the XDiavel.
The long-body, wide air inlets and a seat that sits 780mm above the ground add to the cruiser influence of the Diavel. The underbelly and side of the bike have the fairings of a super bike and the naked influence is evident from the sleek headlamp, sharp fuel tank, front forks and a forward engine position. All in all, I must say the Ducati deserves an apex level of attention considering how the designers have put every detail in a certain way. In my personal opinion, I just wish it came in that Ducati Red shade, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the next update.

In our time drafting the Diavel 1260 S review, we were quite impressed by the number of electronic aids that came laden in the Ducati. And I must say, the Diavel is one of the most high-tech cruiser super-sport naked out there. It gets Ducati digital control options, two processors and multiple sensors on the engine, wheels and brakes. In addition to that, there’s a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit, ride-by-wire throttle, adjustable cornering ABS, Ducati DQS, wheelie control and traction control. And if that’s enough for the average Joe, it also gets a beautiful digital instrument cluster to toggle through different menus and the three riding modes namely Sport, Touring and Urban.

Jarvis, Fire up the engine!

At the heart of the matter, the Diavel comes powered by a newly-designed 1,262cc twin-cylinder desmodromic engine with Ducati Testastretta DVT. At 159bhp and 129Nm of torque, the power delivery is instant and the engine is extremely refined at lower revs. The torque delivery is extremely linear at lower speeds and just like a super-bike, there is a surge of torque once you start to open up the throttle.

Now, despite that burly appearance, the Diavel is easy to handle thanks to the handlebar position and the low seat. As we started cruising along the Mediterranean coast in our Diavel 1260 S review, the Diavel felt less like a rousing sport-bike and more like a laid-back cruiser. In Urban mode, the throttle response is very linear, and the riding dynamics are a comfortable blend of sportiness and cruiser comfort. That said, we came quite impressed with how glued and comfortable the bike rode through the rough urban patches.



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