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Interior designing always depends on the person’s preferences. Some might tend to keep it funky but most of the time, customers demand a sober outlook. If you are in search of antique with vintage vibe pieces then diy belt driven ceiling fans would be great to have in your collection.

The DIY belt driven ceiling fans were the first design for a ceiling fan that is why they have a vintage look in their structure. Many people prefer having them in their living room to keep the history alive. Moreover, they are energy savor in the context of consuming less energy when several fans are attached to one motor.

Finding the best DIY belt-driven ceiling fans can be difficult. So, to assist you with that, we have illustrated the precise knowledge about these fans along with amazing products.

Essential Features of DIY Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

You must know about the features of belt-driven ceiling fans, only then you shall be able to select the best one for your home. The essential features are as follows;


The number of the blades actually attracts the attention majorly. These number of blades commonly range from one to nine. It all depends on your personal choice and requirement of the interior to select the fans with certain number of blades. For instance, if you want to keep it subtle and minimal then a fan with only one blade will definitely look good.

On the other hand, if you want to make your interior look dense with balanced proportion then 8-bladed ceiling fan or so can be best suitable.

Blade Design

The blades design has become a new thing to get attention. Like selecting the number blades, now you also get the option to choose the blades with different designs. There are many fans that come with palm leaf blades, curved blades, and even geometric designs on the fans’ blades.

You can be creative by getting a fan with disk-like blades from Minka Aire Cirque ceiling fan. So, decide for yourself and make your home look more interesting.


As it is a known fact that the motor of a DIY belt-driven ceiling fan is placed away from the room to eradicate the noise. This is a plus factor of belt-driven fans. On the contrary, the standard fans noise level and its efficiency can be disturbed by an AC or DC motor.

To make the usage of fan peaceful, belt-driven should be preferred. Also, they add up beauty in your living room with their aesthetic look.


You will find yourself lost when looking at the styles that the belt-driven ceiling fans have to offer. The Modern Fan Company Stella ceiling fan looks like a bee-hive which will be perfect for a bear-themed children’s room. Therefore, you must make up your mind what kind of fan do you want and search for the product accordingly.

If you are in search of perfectly high-quality belt-driven ceiling fans then look at the collection that we have specially assembled for you!

diy belt driven ceiling fans

1.    Harbor Breeze – Bronze Outdoor Down Rod Ceiling Fan

Ensuring you with the life-time durability, the Harbor Breeze – Bronze Outdoor Down Rod Ceiling Fan have best features to offer. It comes with 74 inches of down rod and 4 forward and 6 reversible blades. With one light bulb base, it is absolutely ideal for indoors and outdoors as well. Most importantly, it has a powerful and quiet motor technology.

2.    Fanimation – Belt Driven Ceiling Fans for Sale

Available in black color, the Fanimation – Belt Driven Ceiling Fans are the best in their kinds. These fans are composed of iron and they have dimension given 36 x 16.8 x 36 inches. The best part about this product is that they come with life-time warranty which states the faith of manufacturers they have in these fans.

The motor is quite powerful and uses 110 volts, however, these fans can only be used for indoors.


Interior designing requires lots of imagination and planning to get everything placed properly. It must not be overdone as that will be unnecessarily overwhelming. Most of the time people get their walls, floors, yards, and kitchens well decorated. However, some of them slightly miss the fact that the ceiling also needs to go with the theme.

To keep your ceilings, look unique, DIY belt driven ceiling fans can do the job. They not only look attractive but also consume less energy. So, if you want to buy the best belt-driven ceiling fan then don’t forget to check out this article!

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