Demand for heavy lift transport services in the Middle East


Middle East is undoubtedly the most active area for oil & gas, infrastructure and construction sectors. Government pertaining to this region are actively contributing towards these sectors for their economic prosperity. To support their industries government are also investing heavily in the transport industry. As a result demand for heavy lift transport services has increased extensively. According to the researchers UAE has now become a major hub for logistics. There has been a major influx of investment related to transport, oil & gas and construction projects all over the country. 

Both transport industry and infrastructure play an important role in construction. Which is why companies in the transport industry are gearing up to facilitate projects as efficiently as possible. For instance, companies are now expanding their verticals by collaborating with new partners in marine equipment and transport. In this way they cover more routes, expand their network, improvisation in operations and logistics, custom regulations and also get to learn about local markets.  

Companies providing best land transport services in Abu Dhabi

With an increasing demand for heavy lift services especially in UAE companies are now working towards streamlining network routes and logistics for an efficient flow of operations. For instance, a land transport company in Abu Dhabi is now expanding their operations globally to cater developments and needs of the construction business. Such companies are now investing in a fleet of specialized vehicles that can travel longer distances and tougher routes on land effectively. Most importantly, sending heavy lift equipment or machinery via sea and air also requires a network route via land to reach their terminals or specified hubs. Secondly, companies are now hiring experienced drivers and professionals to handle equipment properly. Also hiring a team of managers and lawyers working towards easier processing and documentation when faced with strict customs, laws or regulations.   

heavy lift transport services

What is heavy lift transport services?

Heavy lift transport basically include services that ensue huge equipment or machinery unable or which cannot be packed into smaller components and have to be transported as a whole. Companies working to provide such services know how complex and articulate the whole process is. Equipment or machinery involved in heavy lift transport services usually weigh hundreds or thousands of tons and can also exceed 100 metres in height or width. With such measurements in view, companies have a whole fleet of vehicles available to cater and deliver such equipment properly. Network includes an amalgamation of land, air or sea route. Companies usually provide a quote or an estimate before deploying their services and also to provide customers with an estimate. The quote is provided and analysed by professional employees that work towards a more cost and time effective approach.

Why should you opt for heavy lift transport services?

Transporting millions of worth of equipment globally requires extensive research and a trustworthy company that has the proper expertise in this field. Besides transporting, the company should also provide services such as delivery, storage and processing. If you go with companies that provide only stand-alone services the cost will be much higher. Thus a wholesome package is the way to go. Transport companies are also heavily investing in software development wherein, customers can easily track their orders via online portal. Companies now also take care of loading and unloading such equipment so as to avoid any damage. Engineers are now present on-field for setting up the equipment and take whatever safety and precautionary measures, also provided by the transport company. 



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