Data Security – A Revolution In Technological Advancements

Data Security Tips

In today’s business world, virtually everyone is concerned about protecting their data. With hackers and thieves on the prowl, identity theft is running rampant. The need to contract qualified digital cryptographers has become essential. In this ever-changing world, compromised data could ruin any business and cause a tremendous amount of personal damage to unsuspecting consumers.

An increasingly popular tool in this fight against data theft is the smart card. This innovative technology is quickly becoming an industry standard. A smart card can be used for shopping, banking, and online business. The card is at heart a computer. Armed with a powerfully encrypted microprocessor, the smart card can be used to make all manner of purchases. Simply hold it a few inches from a reading sensor and the purchase is complete. No one can note your PIN number or password — the microprocessor does it all.

Approaching a trustable data security company is a nice solution to protect a large chunk of data. And the best part about it is that you just have to share the place where data has been saved by all the devices and rest is taken care of by them. It’s well worth the investment in any business.

With the proliferation of terrorist activity across the globe, security, especially data security has become vital. Most first-world nations have begun to issue e-passports. These passports are equipped with the same microprocessors that are fixed to the smart cards. E-passports are processed the same way: a single wave of the passport is all it takes to pass through customs. It is hoped this will facilitate a faster processing time and save travelers time and the headache of endless paperwork.

This radical technology is also being used to breathe new life into the trust old cell phone. Using modified SIM cards, cell phones can now access service portals online. These smartphones can now access your computer, update your blog, send data to your friends and family, and still phone home.

This revolution in digital security has turned the tides against hackers and data thieves. The smart card, e-passport, and SIM card are essentially inaccessible to thieves. The days of the magnetic strip are on the decline. The future of digital security involves making online purchases, banking, shopping, and travels as easy and secure as possible on a personal level.

 But when we talk about data security at a professional level, there is more to it. An organization’s entire data is at risk if not taken care at an initial stage. 

No growth is ever made without risk. Every good business owner knows this. The buck does not stop there though. Business executives must take an active role in making policy part of the DNA of the company. The first step is a clear recognition of the financial risk to the organization should a breach occur due to noncompliance.

This means that not only data security not only increase the value of data; we are actually decreasing that value by not securing it. Still, some companies like Google have already caught on to the idea of securing data by not securing it at all. Even though this makes for some big mistakes in consumer privacy issues if someone were to let say hack Google’s server and steal user’s information.

Several think tank leaders, including Sir Ken Robinson, have discussed Google X’s work environment. In his popular TED Talk, Robinson said that mistakes must be made in order for innovative ideas to take place. In other words, there is no right or wrong answer in the knowledge economy of today.

Data Security

How can you or your business capitalize from this movement?

A best-practice approach to IT security and compliance centers on two key areas: effective communication about policies, and the use of appropriate transfer management tools and controls for corporate email, including on mobile devices.

Did you know that Google didn’t track the hits you get from mobile and other devices? Until now, with Universal Analytics – Google’s update to its current Analytics platform; users will be able to see internet traffic in a whole new way. It offers support for an analytics.js library, and Mobile SDK or higher for Android and iOS. From what it looks like, Google has been urging developers to move all “properties” as they put it, over to the new Universal Analytics system. Making the move to know more about your organization’s websites and the demographics thereof is a great move. It’s much like the transfer of corporate databases to a more secure infrastructure.

Here are a few tips that an organization can do at an employee level to secure his/her data: 

  • Use passwords in a combination of alphabets, numbers, and characters.
  • Never share the password with anyone
  • Always change the password once in a month.
  • Never leave your laptop/desktop screen open while going for breaks.
  • Try creating a backup of your data. 
  • Not let anyone use your office’s laptop/desktop in your absence.

 Following certain things at an employee level can help a lot. The world is run by DATA and it is a valuable resource. From a business perspective, if ‘Data’ is lost ‘everything’ is lost. So, keep it safe and secure.




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