Corporate Travel- Is It Time To Centralize Your Program Again

Corporate Travel

Over the last few years, corporate travel has undergone a major change. Our global
economic scenario played an important role in these changing expectations from our
demographics. One such drastic change was noticed in airfare & the travel vertical
especially in corporate. With the advent of this new wave, travelers slowly started
appreciating better control over their traveling schedules and other necessary agendas.
The Internet has gradually taken things to the next level. Thus organizations are trying
to be less stringent with their policies over travel.

What is corporate travel?

Corporate travel can be described as having employees who work in a company
travelling for the company for some beneficial reasons. It does not matter how often
such employees travel or where they travel to, as long as it is for the good and benefit
of the company, it is said to be corporate travel. Corporate travel underwent many changes as of recent; the prominent key is airfare online access growth and development. As increasing numbers of people making one travel or the other are finding gains, value and benefits in better schedule online charges, many organizations have seen the need to lower their travelling policies for many reasons in which online personal ordering by travelers is one.

Well, with every policy, it is either good or bad. With bad policies, we know what can
be the possible outcomes? Businesses have lost significant working hours, no control
over unused tickets and of course lack of access to the programs of airlines which can
help companies by saving them in all spread of travel.

Well, online tickets might have been advantageous, but the results didn’t seem quite
as expected. There are plenty of instances where self – booking of tickets led to
discrepancies and high fare tickets. Travelers at many times are not even sure if they
are getting the best fare.

This high level of uncertainty leads to quite a chaotic functioning process. There is a
reason why it is a mandate that every organization should have collaboration with
travel management agencies for easier facilitation of your ticket booking process. We
guarantee that you will save time and energy when you look at the new process.

Travelers and researchers suggest that “Centralized booking needs a comeback not
just for the company but for the travelers and coordinators of tickets. One of the
major reasons why we are still fussing is because almost all distribution channels have
access to all platforms.

Then how exactly is a decentralized approach beneficial.” The travelers love to have
a certain level of control when they have their corporate booking through a channel
(corporate). There are agencies (brick and mortar agencies) which are offering
solutions for more comfortable and discounted online booking. The same can be
customized as per your organizations’ corporate travel policy.

Corporate Travel

Benefits of centralizing your business travel

• In a general scenario, corporate travel is ad-hoc. In such a process, we often forget
to strategist things in the right direction. The right travel partner can help you in
being cost-effective and strategic.

• In today’s cutting edge world, a view of expertise in the domain is always helpful.
Imagine your team is traveling to an exhibition with bulky material. Isn’t it better to
have a partner who will bring you out by solving such dilemmas?

• Centralized Information is of pivot importance. A data-based decision is always
better and profitable

• With a trusted partner, your manager and individual travelers get all the support
they need during the travel.

• Budget is in control, and the expenses can be tracked for accounting purposes.
Alternatively, if every employee is liable for their booking. Following the budget is
difficult and complicated too.

Apart from these, another essential factor to take into consideration is that online
booking with the help of the live agent’s support will ease our headache to get into the
complexities of faster booking etc. Secondly, with the help of live agents, any hassle
or issue can be solved in real-time. In this way, both the policies will have an equal
say, with corporate on one hand and service providers on others and the process of
centralization works better.

Now, there is a need for a complete overview of the travel program as there better
options available, which will be cost-effective for the companies investing.
Collaboration over travel policies between travel agencies and organization has
proven to be effective in the post.

For instance, United Airlines started offering corporate partners with discounts
wherein cheap coach class seat were offered which no Fortune 500 has access to. This
combination of cuts, together with proper services, will always create the right
impression of the corporate.

Corporate is still eager to be heard in all their business deals. That is what the travel
partners of today are ready to offer. Thus a fair deal! The old agency model functions
pretty well. It is the easiest way to keep among your coordinators and managers. This
streamlined process is sure to help you out in your business.


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