Choose European or US HTTP Proxy?

HTTP Proxy

Hello, you are likely to look for a reliable proxy provider. Whether for a service like Positeo, your favorite SEO software or simply to surf securely and anonymously by HTTP proxy. For my part, I made a few and I seem to have found the elected. I will tell you why and give you a little feedback. It’s not much but you will not complain too huh:)


We start strong, indeed the geolocation of proxies is something very important. I became aware recently when I changed the US proxy on the check positioning tool by mostly USA Europeans. First, at equal speed, the speed is actually different depending on the distance between the proxy, you, and the server hosting the site. The shorter this distance is and the more results are given instantly, it’s magic! I advise you to take European proxy if the possible USA. Especially if your visitors are mostly from the USA and even more if the user of the service are also the USA Citizen. If you are looking for a proxy to browse anonymously, this is a USA proxy you need!

Obviously, if it’s to use the proxy in the background, on a cron job server at the bottom of a cellar, we do not care a bit of speed. Of course Captain ‘obvious: P

The price

Well then again, I saw a lot of price differences. As Europeans in the eurozone, we have the advantage of having already cheaper proxies by buying them on a US site. But even between American sites, there can be big differences. I will avoid quoting the names of those to blacklist urgently, it’s not worth it. Some people charge $ 100 for the 100 US proxy shit. Yes it can be said shit, they are shared between several users and we pay almost the price of dedicated proxies and are heavily subject to blacklist by Google because everyone uses them for it almost.

Other suppliers make a slightly cheaper but expensive offer with a GB quota not to be exceeded. Then 1 $ = 1GB. But yes, all that for shared proxy obviously! Beside that the dedicated proxies (private, exclusive, it’s the same thing) are at $ 10 each with a quota. In short … We would not go far on Positeo with 10 proxy!

Added value of my provider?

So it’s simple, this provider beats all the others. Price level, quality of service level, level even additional useful tools that others do not have.

The common benefits:

  • No quota
  • Change of proxies every month
  • Identification by IP or login & password for proxy use
  • Ticket support
  • Common payment methods
  • And even more common services …

The benefits out of the ordinary:

  • They avoid the commercial blot that is useless and go to the basics (very rare!) We can see on their website “No words cheap, just cheap proxies”
  • Possibility of being refunded during the first 3 days after the order
  • Tools to format the proxy list in 1 click (Custom before I typed a regular expression under notepad ++)
  • Lowest price of walking for * wait for it * dedicated and European proxy !
  • Possibility of choice in the geolocation from the purchase and readjustment by contacting them just after
  • They ask you what proxies will be used to certify Twitter, Scrapebox, Xrumer, Ticketmaster, SenukeX, etc. What to be sure not to end up with proxies already blacklisted by Google when they are new.
  • Support 7/7. They have no life, they say it themselves, they are Geeks: D
  • Full of small tools that I have not tested yet, but who knows one day …

Okay, I think there is nothing more to say, you can still compare prices if you enjoy it but you will lose your time IMHO. In any case for positeo, we went to pack 100 privates proxies on BuyProxy


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