Check Out All The DVA Cards And Know About Their Facilities


The Australian Government has provided a wonderful facility to the war veterans who serve the country at a tough time. The program initiated in 1976 that delivers different programs to the people who are the members of the Australian De fence Force, Australian Federal Police, and their family and dependents. The Department of Veteran Affairs or DVA has issued health cards to the members and the families so that they can get all the health care services without any hassle.

The printable DVA cards are available to the DVA provider Perth in three categories and each category entitled different services. Here we will discuss all of the three categories so that you can get all the required information.

Gold Card:

The veterans who get the Gold Card from the DVA provider Perth can enjoy all the clinical services for all health conditions whether it is related to war or not. Along with the veteran, the widow and dependent can also get the facility. They will get, medical consultations and procedures enlisted under Medical Benefit Schedules, medical and surgical services in listed private and public hospitals, review of the medication, services of a medical specialist, acupuncture service and some services that are not listed in MBS only under special circumstances.

DVA Cards

White Card:

The white cardholder can have the health services for the injuries and conditions that are caused by the war or any symptoms that are unidentified within 15 years of his service. The person can be treated for malignant neoplasm or cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis and mental health condition which are listed under Non-Liability Health Care. All the transmitting members will get the white card during their transition period to civilian life.

Orange Card:

The DVA provider Perth issues the Orange Card only for the pharmaceutical purposes only. The cardholders can access a wide range of pharmaceutical products but they will not get any medical or health care by it. The items are generally listed under the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits but for some special circumstances, they can get the items that are not listed.


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