Why You Need Car Inspection Services for Your Vehicle Immediately?

Car Inspection Services

Are you an expat staying in Dubai for a limited period of time? If Yes, then the need for a car must top your priorities for the ease of mobility in Dubai.

Dubai is an exciting place to live, known world over as a holiday destination for everyone. If you happen to stay there for a limited period of time, then you would need a car to get around as the public transport services are limited. Since you live there temporarily, you could be more inclined towards buying a pre-owned or used car rather than a brand new car.

A sound decision!

Dubai is a huge hub for expatriates and auto enthusiasts, which makes for a commendable pre-owned car market. This market is not just huge, with respect to the number of cars being sold off, but the make and brand of cars available, make it a steal. Some of the luxury and sports car available in the market are not even a few years old yet their selling price is so much less than the new car, and you get to reap the benefits of the car still sold in its prime.

But not all pre-owned cars are in perfect conditions. Owners get car detailing done to make the car looking like new, but the damages to the internal systems need to be assesed. Car inspection services or pre purchase inspection services are being done by reputed car services garages to ascertain the extent of damage to the various systems of the car, so you could get a very good approximation value to the cost of ownership.

It is highly recommended to get the car inspection done by a service centre before you make the final call to buy the car. Pre-Purchase inspection is not something to be done or taken lightly. An expert mechanic will determine its cosmetic, mechanical and safety condition of the car. They’ll be able to zero on issues that are existing in the car and evaluate its potential to become either a huge problem or something quickly rectifiable. They’ll also investigate to make sure all previous damages are well repaired and are in good condition.

When the expert gives you a go-ahead after thoroughly scrutinizing under the hood, it will definitely add on to your confidence in buying the car.

What is included in the pre-purchase car inspection services?

Foremost, the engine is checked for any lubrication leakage, worn-out alternator belts.
Noises in the engine, the spark plug is checked along with the fuel intake valve. Then the cooling systems are checked for any damages that could leak out the fuel, check the fan blades also make sure that the engine idling works well. Then the HVAC is inspected for any issues in that system, from temperature regulation to Gas lieaks if any.

Car Inspection Services

Similarly, the transmission, driveshafts, brakes & suspension systems,Tyres are checked for cracked sidewalls, and tread depth and even wear. All the electrical systems are checked to see if they are working fine.

Out of the blue, your car dashboard display’s check engine light comes on. Instead of panicking and worrying about it, it is better to be prepared for it. At least, it is good to know what the light means and what you could do about it.

If the check engine light is just on without flashing, then there is still time to take your car to a professional car repair garage to diagnose the problem. But if the check engine light is blinking, then you have to just drive your car to the nearest possible car service center for some quick healing for your car.

It could be a simple fix or a major repair work as is needed when the engine misfires with a faulty spark plug. The Engine’s ECU – Engine Controlling Unit triggers the light and also the stores the “issue code”. This code can be obtained through a diagnostic tool available at all professional car repair garages. Then, it’s just about fixing the issue and you could be on your way.

ZDegree’s city walk branch in Dubai is a highly reputable car service center, they are highly reputed for their garage services and also cater to the sports and luxury car segments. They are the perfect place to get your car’s pre-purchase car inspection services done. Their experts have a 24 point checklist, to screen the car for any possible damages and pinpoint you to areas that require your attention if you make the purchase.

You could be assured of the car you are planning to purchase after it has been well-inspected by the well-trained professionals at ZDegree.

ZDegree also pioneers in an online tyre shop and they have a Mobile garage to deliver the Tires at Your doorstep at your convenient schedule.


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