Can Osteopath home visit help in curing symptoms of Headaches


John Pattern, a leading UK consultant neurologist, once suggested that headaches are the common symptoms seen across the world. The NHS recently reported that the highest incidence of headaches are tension-type and neck related. NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) stated that over-medicating is a circumstance associated with the increasing prevalence of chronic headaches. There are different types of reasons for headaches, many types with the same symptoms. As a manual therapist, history taking is hence, the most crucial part of the therapy. This is highlighted by Pattern, who feels that the patients’ history is the best diagnostic tool. 

Types of headaches

  • Vascular: Cluster headaches and migraine
  • Cervicogenic: Referred from neck structure
  • Tension: Muscular contraction
  • Pressure: infection, tumor, inflammatory
  • Psychotic pain: Delusional explanation of pain, i.e. “it feels like a worm is crawling”
  • Cranial neuralgia: facial pain, temporomandibular joint/ muscular pain, trigeminal neuralgia
  • Eye strain and sinus problems can also result in headaches followed by dehydration

Osteopath home visit

What type of headache have you got?

Diagnosis is one of the difficult parts and probably the main reasons for not responding to the therapy or medication. Cervicogenic headache is generally one-sidedly referred from muscles or joints of the neck. But the neck pain and shoulder tension are also usually related to symptoms of migraine sufferers. Nevertheless, it is thought that Cervicogenic headache and tension-type sufferers have more myofascial involvement than migraine sufferers. Headaches caused by eye-strain are also general diagnosis. But if the headaches appeared in the morning, it is unlikely to be due to eye-strain, more likely if the headache is during or after a day’s work. 

What will an Osteopath do?

An osteopath home visit will ask several questions, some of them one might find irrelevant, but this is essential for both your safety as a patient and for the osteopath at home figure out that is it treatable Osteopathically or if your general practitioner or a specialist need further examinations. An emergency osteopath London may ask questions such as when the headache started, the location of the pain, if the headache is appearing on a daily basis. Other questions an Osteopath will ask are what type of pain they are having and how severe is it, duration of headache, is it seconds, hours, days, etc.

An Osteopath will conduct a couple of tests and an examination followed by questioning. Active and passive movements of the neck and spine, probable blood pressure, and neurological examination if felt necessary. The treatment begins once the osteopath Marylebone observes that your headache has a musculoskeletal component and not from red flags. Red flags are more worrisome symptoms that might bring the headache that needs a referral to a general practitioner, specialist, although uncommon to A&E. These A&E such as severe pain/ worst ever headache or a rash and neck stiffness. 

This was how osteopath Harley street could help you in curing any type of headaches. If you have any dilemma about what kind of headache you are suffering, this document can be your go-to-guide. And if you want to cure all your back pain, headaches, shoulder strains, Medical Home Visit is the best place to get it done. They have gathered a team of professionals and expert Osteopaths and physicians who can cure all your physical and mental ailments. 


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