Bridal Jewellery Guide By Ali Javeri

Bridal Jewellery Guide

Ali Javeri jewelers have strong and loyal customers all over the world and have become a household name in Pakistan. Each piece is unique and eternal and can be passed down as a heirloom. As the wedding season approaches, choosing the perfect bridal jewellery for each event becomes overwhelming. The team behind the Ali Javeri jeweler introduced us to this year’s jewelry trends and how to choose the right jewelry for each occasion.



Mala and jhoomer are accessories that perfectly enhance the look of nikkah. Since the nikkah clothing is not reloaded like a bridal gown, mala has a chance to shine and stand out. With a light-colored necklace, mala and jhoomer create a traditional look for a quiet nikkah bride. A small cane and arm candy like a hand strap can be chosen by a bride who wants to be a little heavier.



The appearance of the Mehndi bride is more experimental. The large statement tikkas and jhumkas are currently trending because the brides can’t choose such a bold look on their important days, they try to incorporate them into their mehndi look. The heavy mathapattis are also a popular favorite, we like our bride paired with jhumkas or chandbalis, depending on what their face cuts. Longer jhumkas have elongated round faces, while those with oval/heart shaped faces choose chandbalis. Since Padmavat’sDeepikaPadukone likes it, nath is another trend accessory.



For their important days, the bride usually wants to go all out and project their best. Kundan and polki jewels are the bride’s favorite, they are tired of the same old golden suit. We recommend that the bride go to find a heavy necklace or short necklace and then throw away the horses, because those who tend to confuse the heavy work on their shirts will end up wasting money. Once a necklace or choker is selected, we design earrings based on the face of the individual bride. Tikka and jhoomerare the mainstay of the bride’s styling, but recently added trends and hand straps to enhance the overall look.




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