Benefits of Online Printing Services to Printers and Customers

Online Printing Services

Before jumping to online printing definition and introduction, let’s have a look at how it all started with. The Indian IT revolution and e-commerce have a major role to play in online printing as well.  The IT revolution and e-commerce have marked its presence in almost each and every industry like banking, tours, and travels, government sectors and thus, “Printing”, is no more, different.

Traditional printing workflow starts from designing of artwork, getting it approved, getting quotes from printers based on a number of colors, quantity, type of printing and material used, sending them printable files, and many such small things.

Technology can revamp anything and traditional printing have so many gaps in terms of cost, approval workflow, time and labor involved, supply chain management, managing orders and taking care of customer queries.  All these offered sufficient room to techies to change the traditional way of printing and transform the print way with online printing. Print Your Order serves on-demand graphic printing and business printing orders across a wide range of categories like  Business Cards, Business Essentials, Signs & Banners, Invitations & Stationery, Wall Décor and more. They use high-quality digital and offset printing and offer a simple yet robust easy-to-use online ordering system. 

Online printing services a variety of functions which includes deploying an e-commerce portal, customer relationship management, and customer service interaction. Other benefits of such solutions are Variable Data Printing, Managing Orders, job tracking, online payment and shipping, Online file submission, Simplified approval process, Personalizing products, inventory management, options of preview and proofreading and managing marketing material distribution.

Online Printing Services

Benefits for Printers:

  • Register your presence online

If you are not on the web, you are surely losing a major chunk of your customers. People now try to find solutions for their every problem online and that’s why it’s absolutely necessary to be there.

With a fully functioning website, an e-commerce platform which enables your customers to shop and place the order online creates a win-win situation increasing your customers, sales and profits.

  • Marketing Channel

Many online printing services provide you with different marketing channels such as social media marketing, email notifications, integrated blog and CMS, newsletter subscriptions and many more. This allows them to remind the target group constantly about their brand and be on top of their minds.

  • Easy Print Management

These provide centralized control over managing print orders, job submission, job tracking, and checking status update for a particular job, thus, it’s easy for anyone to manage complete print workflow. It also minimizes the costs of allotting a salesperson to each and every account or customer to follow-up at different steps during a print job and updates them about the same.

  • Customers Design their own artwork

Rather than offering simple, boring and monotonous designs, with online printing, printers’ can integrate design tool into your website easily. Customers can visit the website, can create their own designs and directly submit them for printing. This is a crucial benefit as it lowers down the chances of rework and time of proof-reading at printers’ end.

There are options for uploading pre-designed template, design ideas, fonts, colors, clipart, text shapes, and other designing elements which give complete toolbox to create your own designs.

  • Supply Chain Management 

With E-commerce store, Printers’ can partner with national and international logistics service providers and can cater to the audiences worldwide. This also reduces the hassle of getting addresses on the phone and making delivery. While printers’ can focus on the core things of the business, web-to-print will manage non-core activities.

  • Add Print resellers and brokers and expand business 

Printers can add resellers and brokers who don’t have enough capital or resources to set up full-fledged printing business but can bring in orders. Partnership with such re-sellers and brokers can easily help printers to expand their business and keep their machines occupied and working.

Benefits for Customers:

  • Design, print shop online and get the order at doorstep

People search for their day-to-day needs and solutions online. With printing and designing services available online, it becomes really easy for them to submit or create designs, do printing and shop online.

It removes the pain of constantly hanging around on the phone with printers to know the status of the job, getting pricing quotes, tracking the delivery and submitting files again and again in the desired format like cdr, png, vector files, psd, pdf and others.

  • Simplifying print jobs approval

The approval process for workflow leads to back and forth of job between customers and printers. With printing online, customers can directly share the files with the concerned person and after approval, it can go for printing. This reduces chances of error, proof-reading in one-go and saves time, cost and efforts involved.

  • Design Studio

With mobile and tablet compatible design studio, it is easy for customers to build their own designs from scratch, or upload files which need to be print. The design studio integrated has all features for creating designs, preview them, checking image health and getting live quotes and pricing based on Colors, materials, quantity, and product. 

  • Variable Data Printing

Rather than creating versions of personalized marketing stuff or any other form of products which require variable data to be printed with each of the products, online printing is useful for both printers and end-users. Thus with a single design template and version of the newsletter, personalized letter or greetings, one can print million diverse copies for the same.

  • Reprinting and Document Storage

With these solutions, customers can create accounts and save their designs, artwork there and reorder anytime for reprint. The hassle of creating folders for printed files will vanish as we already have everything stored and saved on Printer’s website.

  • Fewer chances of Error thus no re-printing

Printing online makes printing business more of the self-service model. As designs, artwork, and content are submitted by customers only, there are fewer chances of errors and re-work on it. This reduces time and labor involved from the print production team and thus saving time and costs. It also makes delivery of work timely and more efficient.




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