Great Benefits and Some Cons of Disposable Colored Contact lenses

Colored Contact lenses (2)

Those colored contact lenses that you wear in the morning or just before a party and then discard them after taking them off. These types of colored contact lenses are quite the snazz right now and you see people using them to relieve themselves of the unpleasant chore of cleaning and storing them properly. 

The thing you need to understand about these daily disposable lenses is they are not designed to be used for more than. The name daily disposable means that the lenses which are used and later disposed off the very same day 

Why there is a need to discard your colored contact lenses? 

The water in your eyes is a mixture of proteins and calcium in your eyes and  when the water from your eyes discharges from time to time, these proteins and calcium stick to the lenses. With time the buildup increases and it starts to irritate your eyes.

Naturally if you use a fresh pair everyday their are zero chances of build up of these substances and your eyes remain healthy.

Daily Contact Lenses: Convenience And Health

There are two known methods of keeping your eyes and contact lenses clean. First is to use disposable contact lenses or extended contacts and clean them properly with the solution. This method is not so effective as the deposits never go away completely, hence the build up. And the extended contacts which can be worn overnight are not too healthy, as they hinder the oxygen reaching your eyes. 

The second method is the use of daily disposable contact lenses. This is a better and a much more effective method of keeping the health of your eyes intact. Everyday you are going to use a fresh pair of lens. You do not need to clean and maintain them as there would be no deposits on the new pair. 

Pros of Daily Wear Contacts

Daily disposable colored contact lenses have provided quality, convenience and comfort. Unlike many things where we have to sacrifice one to get the other, daily disposable contacts provide all:


Most colored contact lenses worn for week or a  month have a thicker structure, but the daily disposable contact lenses are made from much thinner plastic which is why it feels very comfortable on the eye. Because of their thin layer they retain much more water content which does not let the eyes dry. Just make sure you have bought the right quality.

No cleaning or maintenance required

Maybe the biggest advantage to users is that they do not need to clean or maintain the lenses like the other ones. Especially for those who tend to forget about cleaning their lenses, this is a wonderful choice. Use them once and then properly disposes them off. No need to rub them on your palm with the solution and storing them in the case with care. There is no hassle. 

More healthy

The daily disposable colored contacts are more healthy for your eyes. There is no need to disinfect them. Everyday you are going to use a new pair which means it is pure without any harmful particles or micro-organisms. Secondly, their thin structure allows for more oxygen to pass through to your eyes.

Colored Contact lenses

Cons of Daily Wear Contacts

Well, there are only a few, but everything has some cons. So here are some for daily disposable contact lenses. 


With the increase in technology, daily disposable contacts have become quite affordable. But, they do not provide any value in terms of longevity and they cannot be used beyond their expiry. They may be less costly to buy, but using a new pair every day can become quite costly for a whole month. For example,  you buy one pair for a month for $100 and then you buy 30 pairs for a month for $5 each, it will always be more costly. 

Fewer Choices Than Monthly Contacts

Unlike monthly contacts Daily contact lenses have limitation. They are not made to suit every eye problem and some eye problems can only be solved with monthly contact lenses. For those wearing prescription lenses will never get daily disposable colored contacts. 

Environment issue

A bigger problem with daily disposable contacts is that people rarely care about the environment. Even though it is a small product,f but it still contributed quite a lot to the plastic pollution. There are more than a million users of daily disposable contact lenses, and if you even consider that 25% do not dispose the lenses properly, then every day thousands of lenses are being added to the plastic pollution around the world. Secondly, unlike glass, plastic is something that cannot be recycled easily. There are still methods being discovered to recycle plastic without harming the environment 


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