Things to Remember while Considering a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies


Technology, business, education, finance, politics, fashion, environmental efforts, media and a host of other very relevant everyday areas have been bringing the world closer. Growing cross-border trade and relationships have contributed to the world becoming more open and liberalized. This increasing interdependence, commonly understood by the word “globalization”, has had an impact both on developed nations as well as those that are in the process of developing. But like everything else, development comes at a cost.

When students aspire to be educated in development studies, what they are seeking to do is to create an impact through improved understanding about the global narrative around politics, economic decisions and other markers such as poverty. That there is a constant movement between global forces is what this discipline acknowledges, and thus creates greater awareness for students to be able to make a difference as they journey along their own career paths.

If you’ve ever considered educating yourself in Development Studies, a Bachelor of Arts could be the first step in that direction. Here are a few things to remember around the topic.

– A Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies is typically a four-year program. As a student, it is in your interest to opt for a program designed to focus on the social, political, economic and cultural, in almost equal proportions. This approach can bring the first insights to explain certain socio-economic phenomena locally as well as globally, creating a foundation for the uninitiated.

Bachelor of Arts in Development StudiesBachelor of Arts

– When it comes to Development Studies, a Bachelor of Arts degree can be a great place to start if you have the intent to care about the world scenario unraveling around you socially, economically, politically and culturally. It is a social science, which when combined with intentional can take you places, literally and figuratively. Through the fundamental studies in this discipline, you can then even look at what you want to do next – work with organisations that focus on critical aspects of development or go a step deeper into studies and research.

– Considering sustainability and equality have emerged as critical global themes over the last 15 years, more students seem to be pulled in the direction of Development Studies. Change-making is in the air and globally, change-makers now have more possibilities to explore in ways of career. Added to that is the sense of meaning and purpose. For example, with a well-recognized Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies degree, there are a number of career routes you can explore. This includes being a community development worker, a business consultant, a policy analyst and an economic development advisor among others.


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