7 Tips to Grow E-Commerce Business


The whole world is running fast in every field. It has started to become very difficult for most of us to manage time as we have a lot of activities to do only in 24 hours. But successful people always adopt themselves with the circumstances. Hence, in order to manage the time, E-Commerce business has helped such people in different ways. For buyers, it has helped them saving their time and energy they had to utilize while shopping in malls. For sellers, it has increased their sales and profits. Everything needs development to get more rewards, same is the case with E-Commerce business. So let’s discuss a few ideas as how to grow E-Commerce business to get more out of it.

1. Make a Combo:

Sometimes there are a few out of season items that are not getting sold out. Make a 4 in 1 or 5 in 1 combo mixing two or three running products with one or two non-running items and give them an overall combo price. Such combo looks attractive to the customers. This will help not only selling the non-running items but also give good profit overall.

2. Target Other People:

Don’t sale a few products to certain group of people and sit back. This will make you rely on your customers. If they don’t purchase from your online store anymore, you are done. If you want to boost your sales, target new groups.  Keep exploring new customers and fulfill their needs, they will never go to someone else.

3. Offer Free Shipping:

Whenever someone hears or reads the word ‘free’, he comes back to it if he has ignored it at first. Offering free shipping can solve many problems of your customers. Instead of wasting their time by going to a mall and purchase items, they will be provided the same products at their home with no delivery charges. Of course, you will have to increase the price a little to make up with your profit, but make sure it doesn’t get too high to attract your customers.

4. Give Kickbacks:

Kickbacks are very helpful in growing your E-commerce business. If a customer places an order for a pair of shoes, add a pair of socks with it. The price of socks is not that high, and even being not so high, you already have deducted it from the shoes price. But this will make the customer very pleased with you and he will not only come back to you, but also recommend his friends to shop with you.

5. Offer Special Discount on Special Events:

Special events don’t come very often, but when they do, it’s your time to cash them. By cashing them, it doesn’t mean to increase the prices, but to decrease them. When the same product is offered in two different prices at two different stores, the customer will surely choose the one with lower price. Doing this can make the customers waiting in queue.

There is another factor that many people fear off. How can decreasing the prices help them grow their profit? Yes, it’s an important one. If a product is purchased at $10 and sold at $15 in normal situation, you can sale it in $12 or even $11. The amount of profit will be decreased but the number of customers will be increased. So more sale can make up for the low profit rate.

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6. Hire VA for Affiliate Marketing:

Virtual Assistants (VA) can play a vital role in growing your online business. If you hire one or two VA’s and give them the task to do affiliate marketing for your business, they can boost your business very soon. They will simply promote your business on different portals like Social Media, Google, etc. You will sign an agreement with them to do affiliate marketing and increase the sales up to a certain level and give them a certain amount in response.

7. Search Engine Optimization:

If you do proper SEO of your online business, it will be accessible for more people. This can be done using different techniques like back linking, social media marketing, running adds etc. If the SEO of your business website is done properly, the customers will start accessing it easily. It will also be ranked higher by Google as it carries a lot of organic traffic with it and keeps updating on daily basis. For this purpose, you can hire an SEO specialist if you find it difficult for yourself. This will help a lot to grow your E-commerce business.



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