6 Travel interior design ideas to satisfy your wanderlust

Travel interior design

Some of us love to travel. And then, some of us LOVE to travel. Here are some cool travel themed decor ideas for the wide-eyed wanderer.


Wanderlust: (n.)a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Do you live by this definition? A battered suitcase, an old compass and worn-out maps, don’t throw them away yet. It is time to give your room a makeover. Here are six awesome travel interior design ideas to satisfy your wanderlust:

1. City Lights Globe

Remember that scene from Monte Carlo where the Eiffel lit up as soon as the lights went out? If you would like to watch ‘the world’ light up every time the lights went out, this Sparkling City Lights Globe is a perfect addition to your bedside. This magnificent globe is nothing like you have seen before.

Travel interior design ideas

This handsomely crafted miniature earth shows a glimpse of how our planet looks at night. Dazzling city lights and silent oceans are blending into the black, beautiful night sky. For an avid traveler, this is a perfect gifting option. So, switch off the lights, turn on some slow jazz and watch the earth come alive in 3..2..1..!

2. 3D ‘Ship in the Ocean’ Wallpaper 

Ever felt like walking away from your work desk and just escaping into the unknown, for a while? Work can be stressful at times. Create your escape next to your work station with a wall that comes alive every time you glance at it.

Ship in the Ocean Wallpaper

If you are someone who works from home, this one’s for you. Everyone needs inspiration, now and then. Sitting at a work desk for hours, staring at a computer screen or a notebook can get a little mundane at times. Decorate the wall closest to your work desk with a 3D wallpaper that represents the ocean. Love Narnia? A ship will make an excellent addition to the wall as well. Every time you look at the wall, it beckons you for another adventure! A crystal chandelier will complement this setup. The blue of the ocean will accentuate the shimmer of the lights filling the room with a heavenly gleam.

3. Corkboard Map Photo Collage

We travel around the world and make many memories. Sometimes we keep those locked in a dusty box hidden under the bed or carelessly tossed in the attic. Its time to bring those memories back. 

Corkboard Map Photo

A corkboard map of the world is a great way to have those memories right in front of your eyes every time you wake up. These maps easily stick to a wall and are super convenient to carry.  If you have a wall that needs a makeover, these will make an excellent addition. Once you are done with the ‘installation’, all you have to do is pin photos of places and people on the map. This will keep on reminding you – ‘there’s such a lot of world to see’.

4. Personalised Sheets and Pillow Covers

Dream of the world while you sleep. If you are a little theatrical, travel themed bedroom is what you are looking for. From sheets to pillowcases, even duvets. Travel themed linen brings you closer to your dream destination.

Pillow Covers

You can even add bedroom accessories that remind you of your favorite destination. Vintage bed lamps and desks made of old suitcases add a touch of class. You can even have your tiny museum of souvenirs from around the world in a cost little cupboard. 3D printed bed sheets and cushion covers are a few simple alterations that can give your room a completely new look.

5. Wall of the World

When we say, ‘travel’ what’s the first word that comes to your mind? Map. Old school yet unbeatable and vintage, maps are perfect decor for a travel themed living room. Instead of having maps pinned at odd angles on your wall, why not turn an entire wall into a map?

the Wall of the World

This might take some extra effort, but the result is stunning. You can pin photos, mark places, highlight dream destinations. Add some fairy lights and a bunch of quirky quotes. Your travel wall is ready! You can even add your vacation to-do lists and travel plans on the wall. A world map scratch is a must-have for every travel bug. Scratch off places you have been to and mark the ones next on your list. It looks gorgeous and fits perfectly in your suitcase. So now you can carry your world wherever you go!

6. Bathe in Style

You just don’t bring souvenirs from the places you visit. You bring ideas too. Venician curtains and Mayan backyards – make your house of a melange of the experiences.

Bathe in Style

Copy the bathing rituals of Egyptian royalty and Greecian beauties with a bathroom decor that perfectly complements your wanderlust fancies. Get some travel themed shower curtains and bathroom accessories that blend in with the decor. Something as simple as a Terrazzo bathroom organizer could make a lot of difference. Love Antalya? Add some scented candles, bath salt jars and crystals for an ethereal bathing experience.

Travel creates memories that last for a lifetime. And memories are the best souvenirs, timeless treasures of the heart. So travel, before you run out of time. It doesn’t matter if you get a little wanderlust at times. Sometimes it feels good to be lost in the right direction.


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