6 Tips About Planning A Social Media Strategy 2019


With the end of 2018, many brands are planning their 2019 strategy and budget. The interesting part of social media marketing is that things are always changing, and there is always something new to test.

However, social media marketers need to be realistic when considering all possible possibilities. When planning for 2019, ask yourself, “Where do I want my brand to go?” But remember about follow up, “How will be I get there?”

To help you achieve this goal in the coming year, THAT Agency’s social media marketing team aggregates the following tips for planning a 2019 social media strategy.

  1. Review your social media content strategy

First, you should review your social media content strategy. This requires browsing through the content you publish throughout the year and finding out what is most resonating with your audience – and what hasn’t happened.

You may collect a lot of data, so you need to develop an evaluation process. You first classify your content into buckets and then measure the performance of each “bucket” with each other.

A platform like Sprout Social will be a great help — Sprout has a very good markup feature that allows you to organize content in categories to measure results from a top-level perspective. You can also export post- and tweet-level data from various social platforms and measure accordingly.

Remember that the goal of your content strategy review is:

  • Double the content that generates the most impressions and engagements
  • Optimize content that does not meet the tag

Often, the perception of what kind of content is “effective” is different from reality – sometimes people may think that highly stylized custom graphics will be most effective when the data shows that the character’s image performs better in context-related situations.

Keep an open mind and believe that the data reveals your strategy.

  1. Review your social advertising strategy

Next, you need to turn your attention to the social advertising strategy and review it there.

Start by analyzing all of your paid work from a results perspective, considering the cost of each result, the cost per impression, and the number of conversions. Use a few different key performance indicators (KPIs) to more accurately understand the impact of your ads and campaigns.

If your company uses a monthly campaign structure, you’ll need to measure the results of your campaigns, as well as the performance of each ad set and the ads in each campaign. This particular review may become very important, but it will let you know which targeting types are performing the best and can capture the true performance of your creatives.

One thing to keep in mind about paid advertising for social media is that you need to determine your success.

For example, will a Facebook campaign drive traffic to your site for $0.25 per click, but it won’t convert, more “successful” than campaigns that drive traffic at $0.75 per click? You need to define success before you can optimize it.

Here’s a quick tip – unless you’re using Facebook Pixel, the conversion may be through last click attribution, which means that the last action taken before the conversion will get credit. The last click doesn’t usually come from social media ads – the logic of “watching ads, clicking on ads, buying products” is rare.

Keep this in mind when conducting social ad review and planning for the 2019 social media strategy.

  1. Invest to social media content creation

Now that you’ve reviewed social media content strategies and social advertising strategies, you may see some opportunities to improve the content used in social posts and creatives. We strongly recommend that brands invest in the content creation of social media marketing strategies in 2019.

It’s always a good idea to take photos, shoot videos and create interesting graphics as you plan for the coming year. The key here is to learn from your audit and apply them to produce more and more effective methods.

Not every brand has a big budget, so if you need to re-adjust your content year after year, it’s no big deal – users are likely to recall the ads for change and call you. However, if you are planning your budget and can set up some funds to properly create new assets for your social media strategy, you will win – especially video content.

  1. Activate the proper influencer

Like any other digital marketing trend, influencer marketing can morph and evolve into something else, but it’s here and produces a lot of noise. Working with influential people can be a good thing, as long as you clearly define your expectations, outline deliverables, and thoroughly review the people you might be working with.

Almost anyone can now build a platform and a personal brand online. Although there are no real performance data, there are many mysterious people and unrealistic people who claim to be social media influencers and seek partners. A lot of compensation. Don’t fall in love with the concept of “influencer” and blind your eyes for tactical reasons.

Connect with influencers associated with your brand or industry – Analyze the types of content they propose and assess the engagement they generate from their work. Depending on the platform (and the willingness to be transparent), you can also ask for any analysis screenshots that the influencer claims to have.

Absolutely include the influencers of the 2019 social media strategy – however, for strategic reasons, not only because influencer marketing is a bright and shiny new toy that can play a role in it.

  1. Competition benchmark

I firmly believe that we must pay close attention to competition to gain insights and inspiration. When developing a 2019 social media marketing strategy, you should determine the benchmarks of your competitors.

How is your competitor doing? Can you “borrow” an idea and improve from them? Analyzing your competitors in the market may be a good exercise to provide opportunities for your brand.

One of the main caveats here is that a sport or concept that a competitor seems to be successful may not succeed according to their criteria (and vice versa). We never really understand what strategies competitors are taking, or how much budget they put behind things. By taking action on incomplete information, be careful not to make the wrong turn – instead, see what they are doing, determine where you are fit, and decide where you can improve.

Competition is healthy, just don’t be obsessed. At the end of the day, you must focus on your 2019 social media strategy.

  1. Carefully test new technology

Finally – certainly not the least important – be sure to carefully test new technologies in the 2019 social media strategy.

I say “be careful” because there are always new trends, but not all trends apply to your brand, or even ready to implement.

If you come to this blog post and want to quote chat robots or artificial intelligence, I am sorry to disappoint you. This is two examples of the technology I am talking about. When I suggest caution – if your organization is small and there are not enough resources to thoroughly test these new toys, you will end up wasting money chasing your tail.

Be open to embracing new technologies, but be realistic about where they fit your plan. It’s a terrible thing to let your 2019 social media strategy fail to produce the results you want, because you spend most of your time trying to get your chat bots back to the right response.

The point of reality. It’s great if you can integrate these new features in a secure way, but if not, keep an eye on them and revisit them as they become more developed.

You have it: We plan six techniques for your 2019 social media strategy. I hope these notes will help you achieve the greatest success in the new year.

Starting any small business takes tons of time and effort. Especially starting a social media marketing agency this can get rather challenging. However, with the right tips and tools, you can get up and running in no time. Here’s a quick guide on how to build your own social media marketing agency.



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