5 ways of wearing Shalwar suit for women

Shalwar suit for women

Shalwar is a traditional and trending dress form women of Asia. Although the trend of other dresses like saree is also popular in this region but still the dress like shalwar suit or shalwar kameez is considered as the most liked and attractive attire. This dress is easy to handle in parties or events and women feel comfortable in it and with the passage of time different varieties and styles are adopted by the people which are classy that this attire make its own identity.

Following are some styles or ways of wearing shalwar suit which are trending and stylish at the same time.

Kameez with churidar shalwar

It’s one of the most common and elegant style of shalwar suit. It usually selected to wear on parties or even wedding but can be wear as a casual dress. The top design is depend upon the occasion you are wearing it on. If you like to wear such dress on parties or weddings than the top may have glittered or embroidery work on it and in other case it can be simple. Such shalwar used in this attire is skin fitted and long to the ankle.

churidar shalwar 1

Frock with churidar shalwar

It is another common style of wearing shalwar suit. The churidar shalwar is same in this dressing but instead of top frock is used which is more attractive and stylish. This attire is also used as a casual dress or in events and frock design is depend upon the occasion.

Frock with churidar shalwar

Kameez with Capri

It is a common and highly adopted style of wearing shalwar suit as a casual dress. Wearing a graceful top or kameez with short length trouser called as Capri enhance the look of the lady. This dress is for summer seasons and due to thin and soft fabric and short length trouser. This attire can be used in events sometimes but it is more suitable as a casual dress on festivals or meet ups.

Kameez with CapriPatiala shalwar with kameez

This dress is common in Punjab region but now this style is adopted in urban areas also. It is very unique style of dressing with regular size or short kameez with special type of shalwar having wrinkle type shape and only fit from bottom near ankle. This style is now become unique and graceful for specific occasions.

Patiala shalwar with kameezKameez with palazzo

A traditional style dress wear with short or long length kameez with special shape trousers called palazzo. Palazzo is a funky style and with this the length of top or kameez doesn’t matter as it suits you in both length. This attire can be also be used in both occasions like events or as a casual dressing.

Kameez with palazzo




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