5 Diwali Gift Ideas to Impress Your In-Laws

diwali gifts

Is there anyone else other than me who has already begun to feel the festive vibes in the air? Since Diwali is on its way, people start planning to get their houses clean. Houses tend to look brighter; you can spot those fairy lights even from the end of the street. With all the decoration comes one more important custom, the custom of exchanging gifts. Yes, it requires a whole lot of thought, whom to present what, and proper lists are made in Indian houses. Have you made your list yet? Soon you will witness market places getting crowded by each passing day as people rush to markets like buzzing bees and avail the special Diwali discounts.

Let me tell you a secret if you want to save your time from getting stuck in the jams; you can easily order Diwali gifts for family and friends from any online portal. It is the smartest decision considering the increasing on-road vehicles on occasions like Diwali. 

I know it can be a very tricky task to choose a perfect gift, especially when it comes to your in-laws. It can make or break your impression. But it need not turn into a headache for you, so to help you out, I have made a list of gifts that will even help to win the hearts of your would-be in-laws. 

Ayur Vedic Gift Box

We all are aware that ayurvedic is an old health care traditions practiced in India. People in India firmly believe that there is no cure like Ayurveda. Older adults tend to prefer ayurvedic over artificial cosmetics, and they have separate kinds of affection for ayurvedic products. If you want to impress people of their age, just opt for some ayurvedic products. Also, not only impress, this gift will be a useful one too. Since the whole world is now shifting to organic stuff, Ayurveda is in trend. So, that gives an entire market to choose easily. 

Diffusers and Scents

Who wouldn’t like to be surrounded by aromas and fragrance all the time? We all like good smells, right? What could be a better way than diffusers and scented candles? So, Get a pack of diffusers, scented candles, and home scents. If you are willing to explore Diwali gifts, you will find lots and lots of combos and different fragrances for candles and scents. As the gift is for in-laws, it is advisable that you opt for a mild odor as older people are not very fond of strong fragrances. You wouldn’t want your Diwali gift to turn into a headache for them. 

Diwali Gift Ideas

Fancy Crockery

Since it’s your in-laws we are talking about, you must be knowing them more then I do ( i don’t even know them, let alone more). So, if you have an idea what are their likes and dislikes, it will really save up your time. Some people are fond of fancy crockery sets, and their huge collection peeping out from the glass door says it all. If your in-laws are one of those people too, then go for fancy but good quality crockery set. It can be a tea set or dinner set. Whatever you think is missing from their collection. 


No women can own too much jewelry. Yes, that’s the universal fact. She can literally hoard onto this golden and silver beauty, and it can enlighten any women’s mood just by looking at it. Even if they don’t get a chance to wear it often. I know, the same rule applies to your mother in law too. Get her a delicate piece of jewelry in her favorite material and according to your budget. But this time why the only mother, get a piece of jewelry for your father in law too. If they are your would-be in-laws, then I don’t think that a budget is even an option. 

Fruits Basket

If it were for kids, I would have suggested you buy an interesting basket consisting of all the junk and juices. But for your in-laws, it would not be the smartest idea. So, for them, go for something healthier like fruits. Wish them happy health with a big basket of seasonal fruits. You can also send Diwali gifts to Chennai after getting these ideas.


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