5 Creative Ways to Reduce Your LLC Taxes

LLC Taxes

Reduction in the amount of taxes payable by small businesses or LLC’s is the most comforting aspect a smart business plan can provide to you. LLC taxes are confusing and troublesome to deal with, while the company might be doing well in the market but paying heavy tax liabilities for your newly hard-earned business can be upsetting. The last thing you want to spend your new LLC’s earning on is a heavy amount of tax. Fortunately, there are many easy ways that you can follow to reduce your taxable amount legitimately.

A new LLC owner has many queries regarding the possible methods to reduce the
taxation amount. Although the absence of the most appropriate ones according to their
business can decrease the amount of reduction that could have been much higher with
the use of smart tactics. A little experience can lead you to overpay the amount of taxes
without calculating the possible credits and deductions.

LLC Taxes

Following a few inventive tax saving methods can lead you to pay a reduced amount of tax as well as provides the opportunity to grow and save well. 

Here are 5 creative ways to reduce your LLC taxes wisely.

  1. Contribution to retirement funds

The best and most reliable method to ensure two benefits in the envelope of one is to contribute funds for retirement plans. You can fund for both yourself and employees that may provide you with a reliable fund as well as saves money on your taxes. Opt for simple tax-deferred retirement plans, but make sure IRS officially acknowledges them. Funding retirement and pension plans for your employ strengthens the relation of your valued employees with your company as well as allows you to garner tax deducing benefits. Make sure to choose the plans that suit your company and its taxable liability the most as it may lead you to qualify for a tax credit also.

  1. Hire your family members

A business owned by family members enjoys certain benefits which you can also enjoy if followed wisely. Employing members of your family such as your child, or spouse can help you to reduce taxes to a large extent. The amount of tax applied to the earnings of a child is comparatively lesser than that of their parents or an adult. Employing your child in your company can help you save or deduce taxes only if you follow the rules of child labor permissibly. You may also provide all the possible benefits and insurance costs that are applicable for every employee to your family members too, thus leading to a reduction in taxable liability.

  1. Deduction in expenses

You can creatively reduce your LLC taxes by claiming deductible expenses. There are certain expenses in a business that may qualify for a deduction knowing which you can reap a large amount of reduction in the amount of tax your company is liable to pay. 

*Deduction in benefits provided to the employee: Certain amount of bonus, awards, and gifts purchased for the employees may qualify for applying tax deductions.

*Travel expenses: Travel expenses made purely for the business intent are deductible. Personal travel expenses might not make it enjoy this certain benefit. While you can somehow manage to merge personal travel expenses to that of business ones if done both simultaneously, but try not to include if both the expenses are separate.

*Depreciation deduction: You can make purchases such as vehicles and pieces of equipment for your business and use depreciation programs for your benefit to deduce taxes observably.

The IRS grants many opportunities for business owners to claim for tax deductions. Your business can save a lot more through these deductions, so try and learn which ones your business is applicable for. Make sure you go through all the rules and expense limitations to qualify for the deduction.

  1. Donation to charities

The fruit of good deeds is not a mythical concept, it actually works. Making charitable donations that are within the guidance organizations of internal revenue services can lead you to reap tax deductions for your LLC. However, your donations must not exceed a certain value determined by the internal revenue services.

There is one thing that you must keep in mind to qualify for applying for tax deductions of your company. You must have written records or receipts of the donation with you to support your claims. When you make a donation to any charitable trust, they will provide you with a letter of gratitude or receipt. Keep it safe. You can donate direct cash or non-cash objects. You need to own separate written acknowledgment for every piece of donation that you make. Donating in a charitable trust that IRS acknowledges will increase your chance to enjoy the tax deductions on your LLC in a hassle free way.

  1. Consultation of a Tax adviser

You would want to take advantage of every possible method that you may find over the internet or get to know through the mouth of your known ones, but the best way to ensure visible results is to consult a professional in the field. An expert tax adviser will go through your business to know which method will work for you the best and then will let you apply it to reap observable results. There are lesser chances of mistakes under the guidance of a professional tax adviser. Making any decision on your own can leave you and your company in an irreversible mess. Consultation from a expert law firm like abajian law firm will help you to manage your taxations all year long and not just for the months to apply for tax returns.

Reduction in the amount of tax return you are liable for can comfort you and your hard-earned wages to a great extent. Taxpayers can always opt for clever ways to save on their taxes. Just a little bit of smart financial planning and creative ways are all you need to work on your savings.




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