5 Best Open Source Tools of 2019

Open Source Tools 2019

Every field has its own specialists who perform their duty very nicely. They are the reliable guys who are given big tasks regarding their fields and are more likely to get the task done successfully. On the other hand, if we assign our task to a non-specialist, it will be risky for us as the chances of failure are higher than those of success. So specialists are always cool. When it comes to today’s technical world, we have got almost every possible program to perform a specific relevant task. Open source tool is a program, software or tool that performs a specific task given to it. Generally, they are free of cost but we do have a lot with paid version too. Let’s discuss about 5 best open source tools 2019.

  1. VLC Media Player:

One of the most used media player, has been around for a while now. It does its job perfectly that is to play videos. You can rewind, pause and forward videos on it. A media library can be generated where all the videos are placed and they can be auto played one by one. You can play several videos in sequence as well as by shuffling them up. Videos can be added in different categories by giving the folders different titles accordingly. So VLC media player has a bit of everything in it and you can enjoy it a lot.

  1. GIMP:

You can call it an alternative of Photoshop. It helps creating new images, editing images, creating logos and has many other options. It carries features like layers, filters, color schemes, gradients etc. which can make you a perfect photo editor.

To become a professional photo editor, you can learn GIMP through different sources like videos or your trainer. Once you have learnt it, it can become your source of income. Many people are there looking for image editors, logo designers and image creators, so if you can get the skill of operating this open source tool, you can easily be the best go option for all those demanders. In addition to that, you will not have to pay for the software like you do for other such software. However, if you learn it properly, you do have the ability to operate other tools like GIMP easily because they are all linked to each to some extent.

Open Source Tools

  1. KeePass Password Safe:

Have a habit of forgetting passwords? Here is the solution for you. KeePass password safe lets you generate a new password for your program, file, or anything you want. The database is encrypted so there is no way your password will be visible to someone. It is also portable with USB so you can carry the database in a flash and connect it anywhere you need to. When you have to enter a password from KeePass password safe, there are two ways, either copy the password and paste on the desired field or use hotkeys to trigger it.

The program itself is very advanced and have almost all the desired features, but you still have the option to install a lot of extensions to make it even more strong. So there is no need to keep whole passwords in your mind for many years anymore, just install the program and let it do the job for you.

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird:

If you have so many email accounts and you don’t have enough time to manage all of them, Mozilla Thunderbird will do it for you. A few wonderful features make it look such a nice open source tool that it becomes your need once you start using it. If you want to see an attachment from the last week but you don’t have internet facility, you still can see it by the help of this program. It lets you save your email data on the location of your choice in your computer. In addition, it keeps you updated with your daily schedule and upcoming events or meetings. So you can watch what’s going on around the world at a glance.

  1. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a well-known web browser that was launched in 2002 by Mozilla. It has a few wonderful features that has ranked it very high among other browsers over the years. There are thousands of plugins available for every possible purpose and it carries a number of extensions with it.

After the launch of Google Chrome in 2009, Firefox had lost its reputation to some extent. But the updates of late have made it stand proudly in the same row where Chrome does. Firefox is the default web browser on various Linux distribution and a lot of Android based devices. All these features make Firefox one of the best open source tools.


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